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Furby Boom 2013 New Furby Boom Figures

The 2013 Furby Boom Figures are Here! Say hello to Waves, Peacock, and the rest of the Furby Boom gang.

These Furby Boom toys are THE hot toy for Christmas 2013 so if you see one you want, you better get it while you can.

There is sure to be a Furby Boom BOOM this 2013 Christmas season!


Furby Boom Polka Dots


I've had this furby for a week now and we love it. My 2 year old has been rough with it and you would never know by looking at it. It's talking more and more each day. Way better then the furbys I had as a kid.

Get it here:

Furby Boom Waves

I'm SO glad I have him! He's just about the cutest toy I can imagine!
The eyes are just so adorable! How expressive and charming! I particullarly like when he starts singing and dancing and musical notes start flickering in his eyes! lol so cute!

The app is REALLY fun that goes along with him. You can check his health and make him medicines as needed, give him showers, pick different foods and drinks to feed him...and my favorite...the toilet! lol omg it's just about too cute!

Get it here:

Furby Boom Triangles

The Furby Boom triangle had exceeding my expectation! This is by far the most advance and amazing interactive toy I have ever own. Together with the Furby Boom's application on smart devices. Which let you know the Furby Boom's Basic needs and also control the population of the Furbling brings countless hours of fun play time to your kids. The only down size is that this particular Furby Boom Triangle had shed his fur quit a bit so its properly not safe for little kids with allergic to fur and dust. Once again Hasbro has accomplish in making smart toy enjoyable adorable pets for every children's imagination and pleasurable fun playing time and also your children will learn about responsibilities in owing pets.

Get it here:

Furby Boom Peacock

My daughter wanted one of these so bad I got pressured into buying it for her BDay.
The toy is actually very nice and well built with bright colors. It moves its mouth, body and ears, eyes light up and all sort of eye shapes are displayed, it also rocks front and back.

Get this Furby Boom here:

Furby Boom ZigZag Stripes

I ended up picking up this Zigzag Stripes Furby for my parents soon after receiving my own Furby.
I'm 30 and both my parents are 50 years and older. We all LOVE our Furbs! lol
What a fun neat little toy to keep us all young at heart!

Get this Furby Boom Here:

Furby Boom Straight Stripes

SO much fun! It's fur is nice to touch, soft nice fur! U can pull the tail, turn it around hold it by its 2 feet, tickle tummy etc etc.

Get this Furby Boom Figure here:

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