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Updated by Karas Extension on Apr 13, 2023
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Ka-Ras Extension

Ka-Ras extension is in Gurgaon Locality. Ka-Ras is so famous salon in Gurgaon Haryana. We provide Nail extension, Hair extension, Eye lash, Polish related services.

Lesser-known facts about Eyelash extensions by KA-RAS - Techfily

The most understated beauty treatment might be eyelash extensions. The greatest misconception about eyelashes is that this treatment is only meant for bridal packages.  Rather the niche elite of the society uses lash treatment regularly. We have customers visiting us to get their looks magnified with our polish lash and nail salon and guess what they always come for more. People who have used the Ka-ras eyelash extension at least once, tend to use them regularly at any public gathering.

Best Nail Extension in Gurgaon by Karas Extensions

Today’s blog is by Karas Nails, one of the best nail extensions in Gurgaon, letting you know more to help you choose from all types of nail extensions present in the market.
Great nails do not just happen by chance it happens at KA-RAS.

Importance of Nail Care by KA-RAS - Postsify

Since being a toddler we hear people phrase” First Impression is the Last Impression”.  It is a pretty successful tactic which we usually go for while buying

Make Last extensions last longer by KA-RAS

Karas is the most famous eyelash salons in Gurgaon. Who provide every single services for your nail and other treatment for your body.

Demographics of eyelash extension BY KA-RAS - Newsshype

Beauty is the illumination of one’s soul. You are beautiful. At KA-RAS extension we ensure you look your absolute best with a pinch of amazement. Your face is

Eyelash extension FAQs by KA-RAS - Newsdest

If you lack the right information you will never dare to walk the roads untraveled. The thought of getting eyelash extensions done is pretty intriguing and full of anxiety for first-timers. KA-RAS extensions will brief you on some of the queries clients generally have when they visit us for the extensions. We a very sure if you go through this blog you will be confident and well aware once you reach the salon.

Lesser known facts about nail extensions by KA-RAS - Write Daily News

It is unquestionably true that using your hands to build your initial impression is better. Discuss your first-hand impression of a man’s character before looking at his shoes. However, a woman is often taken in by the image of her panache that her hands and immaculately groomed nails convey.

Looking for the best nail salon in Gurgaon/Delhi – KA-RAS

The choices are endless with alternatives with Ka-ras nails like permanent nail paints and gel and acrylic extensions. Speaking of nail art, there is numerous nail salon in Gurgaon where you can get the design of your choice painted on your fingernails or toenails after having them manicured and pedicured.

How to Remove Nail Extensions at Home by KA-RAS

The safest and least destructive way to get them removed is to visit the best nail extension in Gurgaon, KA-RAS.

Must know about lash infills by KA-RAS - Webivest

The Polish Lash and nail salon, KA-RAS customer care number is the most convenient method to make a reservation. To find us, search for “Polish Lash and nail salon” or “KA-RAS” to book a consultation conveniently on your phone.

All YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HAIR SPA – Karas Extensions – Gurugram

The use of coconut oil scented with sandalwood, rose, or jasmine and applied to the hair by Indian women has been documented in ancient Vedic texts as having been a common practise dating back to the Vedic period. This assisted in providing the hair with intense nourishment and deep conditioning. KA-RAS extensions, the finest Hair Extension in Gurgaon constantly endeavours to give you the best hair rejuvenation in Gurgaon.

Advantages of hair spa By KA-RAS - Magzined

A hair spa is a salon treatment that helps to repair and rejuvenate your dull and lifeless tresses. Your hair will look healthier and more vibrant after. KA-RAS extension, the premier polish lash and nail saloon ensures the best rejuvenation in Gurgaon.

Winter care tips for nails - Karas Extensions

f you have bought your woollen wear that is great but you might be missing on one very delicate and crucial body part-you guessed it right, your nails. Wearing gloves is fine and is recommended but what else can you do. Any nail salon in Gurgaon will recommend you the following steps to keep your nails healthy and fully able to withstand the winter torment.

Nail extensions for Brides to be - Guest Blogo

Your fingernails are the most unassuming yet surprisingly potent natural adornment that can amplify the appeal of your hands. Karas, the best nail extension in Gurgaon strongly suggests that you should never underestimate the power that comes from having nails that are healthy, strong, and well-manicured.

According to your zodiac sign, Karas, the best nail extensions in Gurgaon are here to assist you in selecting the ideal nail colour that highlights the one-of-a-kind qualities that define you as an individual. Now that you’ve waited long enough, it’s time to take a look at the top nail paints for each zodiac sign.

Healthy nail practices with Gel extensions - Freshersnews

Gel manicures can be stunning and long-lasting, but they can be difficult on the nails. Gel manicures can also chip easily. Gel manicures have been linked to

All about Gel Extensions by Karas Extensions

Before delving headfirst into the realm of nail extensions, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of what they are and how they work. Karas extensions is here to enable you to act on informed decision.

Get your nails ready for 2023 vibes - FIY Life

With New Year round the corner you might have chosen the perfect dress, purchased the best cosmetics and equipped yourself with the best accessories. Yet your preparation will be incomplete if you skip your nail routine. Your hands and face are the first things an individual notices. All that preparation will be worthless without proper nail care. The best nail salon in Gurgaon has compiled some easy tips to take care of your nails before the grand New Year bash.

Trendy Winter nail designs this season

The best nail salon in Gurgaon. Get ready to kick off the winter with shiny nails that are adorned with the amazing new trends that have been created by merging your favourite designs for this season’s immaculate style, and don’t wait any longer to get started on this look! Manicures and acrylic nail extensions are both wonderful ways to provide your nails the same kind of love and care that you show for your gorgeous skin.

Actions to avoid during your nail art | TechPlanet

At Karas, the *best nail extensions in Gurgaon *we have encountered several incidents where the clients have unknowingly ruined their nail art or extensions even before exiting our salon.

We just found the best lash studio in Gurgaon!!! - Fushion World

Thankfully there is someone who champions the cause for all women, Karas Extensions.

Trendy Winter nail designs this season | by Karasextension | Nov, 2022 | Medium

The best nail salon in Gurgaon. Get ready to kick off the winter with shiny nails that are adorned with the amazing new trends that have been created by merging your favourite designs for this season’s immaculate style, and don’t wait any longer to get started on this look!

Can I use strip lashes over lash extensions

As an experienced polish lash and nail salon, we strongly advise against doing this and encourage you instead to avoid doing it.

Does nail weakens after gel polish removals? -

if you aren’t careful about how you care for them, you could end up doing damage to your nails. The best nail salon in Gurgaon will throw some light on it.

Post manicure/pedicure nail care

That you’ve had a gel manicure or pedicure at the best nail salon in Gurgaon, it’s time to learn how to properly care for your nails.