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Best Speech Apps

Here are the best Speech Apps selected by our SLP community

Between the Lines Level 1 Lite - Educational App | AppyMall

Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development presents a groundbreaking iPHONE app designed for elementary students and older, who would benefit from practice interpreting vocal intonation, facial expressions, perspective-taking, body language, and idiomatic or slang expressions.

My PlayHome Stores - Educational App | AppyMall

My PlayHome Stores is an awesome, fun-filled app which provides open-ended free play to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity. Choose your family members and go shopping! Go to the grocery store, the fruit stand, the ice cream shop or the clothing boutique! Select the items you want and take them to the cashier!

StoryBuilder for iPad - Educational App | AppyMall

Winner - Best reading app of 2011 by the Huffington Post Story Builder is designed to help children accomplish the following educational goals: 1) Improve paragraph formation; 2) Improve integration of ideas; and 3) Improve higher level abstractions by inference.

Multiple Choice Articulation - Educational App | AppyMall

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Top Speech Therapy App of the Year - Simply Speech ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Encourages carryover of speech and language skills while having fun and giggling away!" - Consonantly Speaking ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Totally engaging!

Comprehension Aphasia - Educational App | AppyMall

The Comprehension Aphasia app was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for adults and children, and it focuses on auditory comprehension of increasingly longer and complex yes-no- questions and directions with the ability to turn on background noise.

Articulation Games - Educational App | AppyMall

Articulation Games is a comprehensive, flexible, and fun speech-therapy, iPad app that was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for children to practice the pronunciation of over forty English phonemes, organized according to placement of articulation. It includes thousands of real-life flashcards, accompanied by professional audio recordings and capability of audio recording.

Speech FlipBook - Educational App | AppyMall

A "must-have" tool for every Speech-Language Pathologist, Teacher, & Parent is now FREE to try! Use for Reading, Phonological Awareness, Apraxia, Articulation, & More! Millions of parents, teachers, & therapists have made little flip books of letters & sounds for their children, students, & patients - now you can SAVE TIME with this talking flipbook that is completely customizable to your needs!

Speech with Milo: Nouns - Educational App | AppyMall

Featured as one of "The Top 5 Apps in 2013" in Center for Digital Education * As seen in ADVANCE magazine * Created by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech with Milo apps have been downloaded over 150,000 times to improve language skills. Speech with Milo: Nouns will facilitate communication and creative sharing of videos between service providers and parents.

Speech with Milo Articulation Board Game PRO - Educational App | AppyMall

Entertain your kids with this fantastic Board Game by Speech with Milo. This PRO version has all sounds and tracks data!! We have about 1,400 stimulus picture cards. We offer initial, medial and final options for each sound. * The common sounds /f/, /v/, /k/, /g/, /s/, /z/, /ch/, /sh/.

Language Lab: Spin & Speak â€" Social Skills - Educational App | AppyMall

Spin and Speak: Social Skills app is an entertaining board game designed to help teach the pragmatics of language. The app focuses on the following areas: instrumental (requesting things, asking for help), regulatory (directing others), interactional (exchanging information), personal (maintaining contact, interests), heuristic (discovery, making choices), imaginative (creative imagery) and informative (statements of fact, storytelling).

Pocket Artic - Educational App | AppyMall

Pocket Artic - Educational App by Synapse Apps, LLC

Speech Tutor - Educational App | AppyMall

Whether you're a speech and language pathologist (SLP), an SLP college student, a parent of children with speech delays, or someone trying to improve their American English accent, you're going to find this an invaluable application. A first of its kind in the field, Speech Tutor brings the latest in technology and animation to the world of speech.

Pocket Pairs - Educational App | AppyMall

Pocket Pairs - Educational App by Synapse Apps, LLC

Disfluency Index Counter - Educational App | AppyMall

Disfluency Index Counter Disfluency Index Counter is one of my favorite apps for taking quick data during fluency therapy. Very discrete and easy to use. I can open the app and take data during conversational tasks without being overt. You can take data two ways..fluent vs dysfluent, or go a little more in depth on the type of dysfluencies.

Social Quest - Educational App | AppyMall

Best Educational App of 2012 by Teacher with Apps ** Social Quest is an application developed by author and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Rosie Simms to improve pragmatic language comprehension and expression in a variety of social situations for older elementary, middle school, and high school-aged populations.

Profile of Phonological Awareness (Pro-Pa) - Educational App | AppyMall

Profile of Phonological Awareness (Pro-Pa) - Educational App by Smarty Ears