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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Tips to Know When Travelling to Asia with Your Family – For an Enjoyable & Hassle-free Journey
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Tips to Know When Travelling to Asia with Your Family – For an Enjoyable & Hassle-free Journey

If you are planning a family trip to Asia, there will be several things to keep in mind, such as booking early, taking along a portable Wi-Fi, getting a local SIM card, bringing games and carrying snacks. Read on to find out more helpful insights.


Book early and consider the timing

Booking your trip well ahead of time would be the only reliable way of securing the accommodation of your choice at the best prices. You will also find that bookings will fill up quickly around the times of Christmas, Easter and the summer. Additionally booking your trip during the period non-school holiday periods would save you money. You are also likely to find that you could secure better deals if you make bookings for weekdays rather than a weekend.


Bring a portable Wi-Fi or get a local SIM card to prepare for the journey

Unless one plans to be offline for the trip, parents will find it convenient to have a local SIM card as well as a device for backup Wi-Fi during their trip to Asia. Although most hotels today will provide internet access, reliability cannot always be guaranteed unless it's at a reputable hospitality brand. Having reliable internet access will also come in handy if you experience a missed bus, delayed flight or an emergency.


Take along games and visit kid-friendly attractions

You should have plenty of games and entertainment with you to keep your children busy and happy during your journey to Asia. Bring along things such as colouring pencils and paper, a deck of playing cards and kids' games like Uno, Exploding Kittens and Dobble. In Asia, tourist attractions that cater to children are easy to find as well from zoos, theme parks to waterparks; do research on your destination and ensure you add such places to your itinerary. It's also important to find centrally located accommodation that's within easy reach of such sites and you can consider the family-friendly hotels of the Park Hotel Group in different parts of Asia.


Take a first aid kit and know how to make rehydration powder

You should always take the precaution of packing a first-aid kit when travelling with kids. Essential items would include bandages, plasters, antibacterial wash, antibacterial wipes, antiseptic cream, pain relief, sting and bite relief, antihistamine, treatment for sunburn, eye drops to treat sand in the eyes and so on; for travel in today's post pandemic world, pack some facemasks for the family too. If a family member develops diarrhoea and you don't have access to readymade rehydration powder, you could prepare your own by mixing six teaspoons of sugar and a half-teaspoon of salt in a litre of drinkable clean water.


Carry plenty of snacks and give them treats

Naturally, you should always have plenty of snacks with you for your kids to eat when they become hungry. Children can become hungry at unexpected times, and you may encounter situations where it is not possible to purchase snacks; accordingly, you should take along something that your kids enjoy eating. You could also give your kids some treats like ice cream to keep them occupied and happy throughout the day!