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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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6 Must-eat Thai Dishes in Bangkok – Exotic and Delectable Culinary Creations

Thailand is renowned for its delectable cuisine and there will be some must-try dishes for visitors to Bangkok, such as papaya salad, hot and sour prawn soup, Thai-style fried noodles and more. Read on to see what foodie delights await!


Papaya salad

The well-known green papaya salad or som tum in the local language would undoubtedly be counted amongst Thailand's distinctive dishes. This tantalizing salad features several necessary ingredients such as fresh chopped green papaya, carrots, peanuts, chillies, sticky rice and tomatoes. Additionally, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, tamarind juice and lime also contribute to the zesty taste of this delicious salad. This dish would also be a healthy food, providing plenty of vitamins and fibre.


Hot and sour prawn soup

You will find that tom yum goong or hot and sour prawn soup would be another must-try dish in the Thai capital. A selection of ingredients is used in the preparation of this flavourful dish, including lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal ginger, chillies, mushrooms and tomatoes. There will usually be another vital ingredient for this dish; the shrimp, which is known as 'goong' in Thai. However, this dish can also be found in chicken and vegetarian versions. While this mouth-watering soup is enjoyed across the globe, it is particularly liked in Thailand where you can savour the authentic local versions.


Thai-style fried noodles

Although Thai-style fried noodles or pad Thai can now be found in many countries across the world, these versions cannot compare with the genuine Thai original served at many dining venues in Bangkok. Making proper pad Thai will be a complex task as all the necessary ingredients must be meticulously blended into the dish. For the best taste, it also must be made rapidly. An accommodation choice to consider where you could also enjoy pad Thai would be the properties of Maitria Hotels & Residences.


Mango sticky rice

For a sweet treat in Bangkok it would be difficult to beat the very popular mango sticky rice. You should be able to find this dish in some of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit as well as at more modest dining venues in the city. To make it, coconut milk will be cooked slowly with salt and sugar and then poured over fresh sticky rice. Finally, ripe chilled mango will be peeled and sliced before being added to complete the dish.


Noodle soup

Although at first this dish, called khao soi in the native language, may seem to be a simple culinary creation, this is not really the case. This noodle soup happens to be native to the northern region of Thailand and its origins are believed to lie in the nation of Myanmar. To make this dish, chicken, pork, beef or tofu will be cooked slowly in a coconut-based creamy curry. It's made complete with the addition of yellow egg noodles, deep-fried noodles and cilantro leaves.


Slow-cooked pork

The preparation of this delectable Thai dish takes many hours, with the pork being cooked in soy sauce with cinnamon till it becomes exceedingly soft and tender. Visitors to Bangkok can readily find this dish on offer amidst the city streets. In fact, you are very likely to smell the characteristic aroma before you see it, as it would be sweet and potent!