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Get Certified in MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration

What you'll learn: Everything you need to know to pass the MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration.

Training for MS-500: Microsoft Office 365 Security Admin - GitBit

Get Certified in MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration

What's in this course? - GitBit

Welcome to the MS-500 course on GitBit! In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to pass the MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administration. You'll also learn everything you need to know to secure your Office 365 tenant. Throughout this course, we'll be doing a ton of lectures and a ton of hands-on. For a hands-on experience, we'll be using a free Microsoft 365 tenant.

Creating a free Microsoft 365 tenant for practice - GitBit

We can start learning how to secure Microsoft 365 we will need a test tenant. A tenant where we can implement whatever you want and test things out before implementing them in production. A place where we can perform hands-on learning in a live environment without affecting production. Fortunately, we can set up a Microsoft 365 tenant for free to try out. You only need a free email address, such as,, or, and a phone number.

Managing the Microsoft 365 tenant - Introduction to the ad... - GitBit

Microsoft 365 management is broken down into multiple admin centers. An admin center is a website used to manage part of the tenant. For example, there's an Exchange Online admin center that can help you manage the email portion of your Microsoft 365 tenant. Another SharePoint Online admin center to help manage the SharePoint Online part of your tenant.

Here's a list of all the Microsoft 365 admin centers you may need.

How to create users in Microsoft 365 Cloud Only - GitBit

Creating users in Microsoft 365 is easy. Follow our guide to get started.

So let's talk quickly about creating users in Microsoft 365. Every user in your organization that requires a mailbox or admin role will be required to have a user account. The easiest way to add a user account is by creating a single user account in Microsoft 365.

Managing Microsoft 365 through PowerShell - GitBit

How to connect to all Microsoft 365 services through PowerShell

PowerShell is a command-line + a scripting language combined. It's a powerful tool that can be used to automate actions on your computer as well as actions in Microsoft 365. But it doesn't manage Microsoft 365 out of the box. You first have to extend it which can be done using modules.

Creating and managing admins through roles - GitBit

All the places you can assign admin roles in Microsoft 365
Introduction to roles in Microsoft 365.

Time limited admin roles in Microsoft 365 - GitBit

Instead of granting all your admins admin roles that they have all the time you can grant users just-in-time (JIT) administration. With JIT you can have your admins request the access they need. The access can be time-limited so the admin can request the permissions they require to perform a function and then those permissions will automatically disappear after a short while.

Top 11 Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft OneDrive - GitBit

with OneDrive you can keep items on your local device and sync them to the cloud. That way your files are available while you don't have an internet connection...
New to Microsoft 365? Get a quick run-down of AD Connect!
Trouble managing on-premises users and Microsoft 365 users? Sync them with AD Connect.

Protecting Passwords in Microsoft 365 - GitBit

Password management in Microsoft 365: protection and ease of use. Simple to configure and simple to manage.

Everything you need to know about protecting passwords to pass the MS-500

Securing and implementing enterprise applications - GitBit

Did you know users may give malicious apps access to your Microsoft 365 tenant? Protect your organization from compromised enterprise apps.

What's a conditional access policy? - GitBit

Conditional access policies help organizations improve security and compliance. They are used to fine-tune and customize the authentication of your users in Microsoft 365. Let me explain.

The many ways to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) in Microsoft 365

There are 5 different ways to enable MFA in Microsoft 365. Learn which way is the best way in this guide.

Implement Self-service password reset in Microsoft 365 - GitBit

Self-service password reset in Microsoft 365 is a great way to empower users and decrease call volume to your IT help desk.

Tired of resetting users' passwords for them? Allow your users to reset their AD passwords through Microsoft 365 without admin intervention. Setup Self-service password reset!

Locking down your Microsoft 365 tenant from Microsoft engi... - GitBit

How to lock down your Microsoft 365 tenant from Microsoft engineers
Customer Lockbox is a tool built into the Microsoft 365 tenant that locks out Microsoft engineers from accessing your tenant