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Top 7 Wuhan Delicacies - A Fusion of Faraway Flavours

A lush pearl of the Yangtze River, this sprawling city is home to ancient riverside settlements, traditional and colonial architectural feats, an abundance of blossoms, and the artistry of flavours that comprise its iconic cuisine. Here are some tastes of Wuhan you can't afford to miss!


Hot and Dry Noodles

Wuhan is a lyrical medley of a glittering cutting-edge skyline, atmospheric street markets, picturesque waterfront boulevards, and photogenic orchards in bloom that will lure travellers of all kinds to get lost in its charms. However, nothing quite tops the appeal of its unique cuisine, taking seemingly simple dishes to the next level through the quality of ingredients and creative tweaks that hook the tastebuds. If you want to feel spicy firework explosions but love every minute of it, this most famous of all Wuhan Street food staples can be whipped up in under 30 seconds and disappeared off the plate in even less time! Well worth a nightly city ramble, this unbeatable noodle dish is full of the piquant notes of creamy sesame paste, chilli oil, soy sauce, peanut oil, dried turnip, and onions.


Braised Wuchang Fish

Wuhan's chefs love to get creative with fresh seafood keeping to their diverse heritage flavours, and this tender Wuchang fish is steamed in bamboo shoots, chicken broth, mushrooms, and ginger, packing a wealth of flavour to be enjoyed with a serving of steaming rice.


Gravied Bean Shreds

One of those deceptively uncomplicated snacks that nevertheless tantalise your tastebuds, this shredded 'bean cake' is said to be synonymous with happiness, especially as a winter comfort food. Made by combining mung beans, rice, and soy milk fried with vegetables, eggs, or meat of choice, this hearty delicacy is then cut up into strips and served with chilli sauce. If you're seeking out sophisticated accommodation in Wuhan, proffering prime access to the city's most enticing gastronomic hubs, venture no further than Citadines Zhuankou Wuhan.


Chinese Savoury Doughnut

Whether dipped in soy milk, eaten with bean curd, scooped up with rice porridge, or served as an accompaniment with rich Wuhan broths, this light deep-fried doughnut makes a spongy pillow to soak up every bit of deliciousness. It's even a delight by itself, crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside, seasoned with sesame, ginger, and onions.


Lobster and Crayfish Variations

Bali lobster and Hubei crayfish are a lip-smacking duo that causes queues outside stalls and restaurants, and it's not shocking to discover entire streets dedicated to eateries that specialise in crayfish. Therefore, if you fancy your crayfish to be spicy with the chilli-peppercorn mixture, coated in creamy garlic sauce, or steamed until the flesh is unimaginably tender and flavourful, you will be thoroughly indulged!


Spicy Duck's Neck

If your palate craves an eccentric punch of flavour, Wuhan's equivalent of chicken wings and hot sauce will take you on a fiery yet rewarding ride. If you prefer a fleshier substitute than duck's neck with the piquant sauces, the same stalls also sell well-slathered duck's wings, feet, and offal, as well as salty dried tofu for a vegetarian option.


Fish Rice Noodle Soup

A paragon of steaming comfort food for all times, this luscious seafood broth began its story back in the 1930s and hasn't lost any momentum, being deliciously thick and rich with spices, boiled rice noodles, and dried shrimps.