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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 27, 2022
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Coffee- Brewing Blunders to Shake Off

Coffee brings that necessary pizazz to a dreary Monday morning or a mid-deadline slump, but not all of us go that extra mile to make sure our daily caffeine fix is café-worthy. Here are some pitfalls to avoid if you're trying for the role of the household barista.


Using Pre-Ground Beans

The aromatic beverage that keeps the word wide awake and ready to grind originated as a humble bean hailing from the highlands of Ethiopia and now boasts an estimated 2 billion cups consumed each day across the globe. The first step in your coffee story should be discovering which brand of coffee bean is your soulmate, whether it's the irresistible palatial notes of Arabica, the exotic smokiness of Liberica, or a unique roaster's blend of these more luxurious beans and the more common Robusta variety. However, regardless of whether you fancy plain strong black coffee or creating creamy milk foam latte masterpieces, make sure you grind your favourite coffee beans at home using a basic blade grinder to preserve every bit of those flavoury nuances.


Botching the Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Coffee isn't just a morning ritual for those seeking anything from productivity to peace of mind; it's also infused into our everyday regime, for instance, in the form of aromatherapeutic scented candles, exfoliating skincare scrubs, and nitrogen-rich garden fertilizer! However, while its flavours, benefits, and uses are diverse and versatile, there's only one sure-fire ratio that will ensure your cup of coffee earns a connoisseur's thumbs-up; two heaped tablespoons of freshly ground coffee per cup of water. This coffee quotient will result in the perfect bitter-sweet and creamy brew, no matter how many cups you make at a time. If you're looking to make a premium coffee bean order online, venture no further than Damn Fine Coffee.


Unsuitable Equipment

From leaving old grounds to get mouldy in the filter basket to leaving your coffee in the drip machine long enough to get a roasted taste, managing equipment carelessly leads to a mediocre beverage. While it may sound like overkill to some, the brewing technique and coffee maker you use does differ depending on the type of bean and how subtle you want your flavouring. For instance, the enriching flavour range of Arabica is best enjoyed using the drip coffee technique, and if you prefer the bitter punch of an expresso shot without buying an espresso machine, a Moka pot should be your go-to.


Not Measuring to the Tee

If you're yawning your way to the coffee maker, you may be tempted to eyeball the entire process, which will predictably end in a not-so-great tasting concoction! While you don't have to exhibit barista-level skill, a little love and attention go a long way, whether that's making sure you don't overdo your helping of Extra Fine coffee grind or adding in the milk gradually to get the ideal colour and consistency.


Not Upgrading Ad-Ons

If you're not thrilled about the way your coffee has been tasting lately, don't hesitate to brew outside of your comfort zone, trying out new coffee grades, blends, techniques, and accompaniments. It could be as simple as switching from coconut milk to almond milk, adding in some spices with your coffee grounds, or switching from coarser to finer blends. Even the type of cup you use can influence the quality of your coffee-sipping experience; for instance, a dainty china cup is likely to have your coffee cooled in no time, while a sturdy ceramic mug will keep your coffee steaming for a good long while.

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