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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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7 Reasons Why A Mechanical Engineering Career Is A Great Choice – Be a part of an elite team!

Abound with innate curiosity, Mechanical Engineers do research, design, develop, build, and test many devices to create a difference for mankind. Careers in Mechanical Engineering centre around innovating technologies to ease the lives of humans, you can easily become a part of this elite team.


Create your world

As a mechanical engineer having completed highly recognized engineering courses in Sri Lanka you become an architect of creating a better future for the world and yourself. This is amply demonstrated by the fact that over 85 per cent of Mechanical Engineers enjoy a high level of career satisfaction and prefer to choose the same career path given a choice.


A whole new world opens out for you

As you step out as a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from a recognized university such as the CINEC campus, so many doors open for you both locally and across the world, such as oil rigs in the desert, water purification in remote areas, and aviation engineering and so forth. You can be selective in choosing the right path considering your expectations and future goals.


A secure future

With new job opportunities being created and a dearth of qualified engineers passing out, a career in Mechanical Engineering looks positive and long-term and would offer incremental compensation packages for those who have the recognized qualifications.


Enjoyment of many rewards

Earning in commensuration with your qualifications and experience is a highly rewarding experience enjoyed by Mechanical Engineers. From Apprenticing to Engineering Technicians thereafter becoming Chartered engineers makes you eligible for incremental benefits in your compensation package. Complementing this sense of satisfaction is the thrill of working amidst the tools and systems which you love, the gauges, flowcharts software etc would just keep you ticking and happy during your working hours.


Career Growth

With a lot of opportunities opening for career progression over 80 per cent of engineers engage in further study to upskill themselves and can secure better career opportunities with higher compensation and the opportunity to acquire diverse experience. Engineers are also valued for their knowledge transfer skills resulting in career growth.


Make an impression

With the experience and exposure a mechanical Engineer acquires locally and internationally, you are in a position to make a profound difference for humankind, be it clean water, renewable energy, climate change, AI-powered tools or comfort and well-being for the ageing population as faced by many countries today. You can be that catalyst to initiate or create that profound difference to bring ease from pain, handle the loss of memory and lessen the tedious repetitive work for shop floor staff. Many possibilities are awaiting that spark of a genius.


Your knowledge and skills are valued

Qualifications in mechanical engineering equip you to be in an advantageous position when seeking new opportunities. In your course of study you have already been exposed to structures, physics, electrical circuits and computer applications and so forth. As you gain experience and exposure to social and environmental aspects of engineering you become a well-rounded engineer who would be head hunted to lucrative career opportunities.