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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 25, 2022
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7 Easy Methods to Make Coffee While Camping- For the Perfect Campsite Cup

While sipping coffee and toasting S'mores under the stars warmed by blankets and laughter sounds like a blissful way to unwind, you must ensure you can make the best brew in the Great Outdoors. Here's how you can still enjoy a terrific cup of coffee out in the beautiful wilderness.


Insulated Travel Mugs

There's nothing like a hearty cup of coffee to warm you to your toes on those crisp woodland nights or motivate you to get up and march for an early morning hike or waterfall plunge! Many may choose to compromise on quality in favour of convenience when it comes to their fill of caffeine in a camp setting, but with the right equipment customised to your particular trip, it's possible to strike the perfect balance! For instance, if you're likely to fancy sipping warm coffee throughout your nature rambles, a multi-purpose pour-over travel mug is ideal for filtering coffee grounds and retaining heat.


The Espresso Effect

While immersing in nature-kissed beauty is full of inspiration, it can also be a bit disorienting to wake up in strange surroundings with the calls of the wild ringing in your ears. In such instances, it helps to hold on to habits from home, and an outstanding cup of coffee is ideal for restoring courage and good cheer. If you're used to an intense brew on a stovetop percolator, you can invest in a portable version that will gratify your tastebuds with strong, bittersweet, classic coffee heated over campfire flames instead!


French Pressed Elegance

If you're from that brand of campers who is determined to preserve a modicum of decorum in the wilderness without compromising on efficiency, you can still enjoy the chocolatey almond notes of a medium roast grind amidst the hills, lakes, and lush forests of your campsite. All you need is a compact camping French Press, which will not only brew you more than one delicious cup of coffee at a time but also aid you in boiling water for cooking purposes.


Portable Coffee Grinder

While there's no shame in opting for instant coffee when your days are packed with outdoorsy adventures, especially when there are more organic and caffeine-rich options to be had, there's still nothing quite as reviving and flavourful as fresh-ground coffee. Therefore, a manual coffee grinder won't be amiss in your camp coffee-making routine, especially if it allows you to adjust the grade of your coffee beans.


Sneaking in the AeroPress

While it may sound rather bougie to slip in an AeroPress with your camp gear, this multi-functional machine that is a cross-over between a French Press and Pour Over, yields spectacularly creamy and rich coffee that makes it worth in hardly any time at all! It's also exceptionally easy to clean and not in the least bulky, making it a go-to camp coffee brewer, which also preserves the familiar taste of homemade coffee.


Lightweight Capsule Machines

If you're daydreaming about enjoying a barrister-worthy cup of coffee topped with decadent crema as you gaze across mountain panoramas or cliffside seascapes, you can carry these super convenient Nespresso machines in your backpack as you take on those scenic peaks. If you're on the lookout for lightweight machines for coffee capsules in Sri Lanka, venture no further than the diverse selection at Fits Retail.


Cowboy-style Coffee

For a more rugged and rustic feel for your coffee ritual, simply bring along a kettle and strainer, tossing in your coffee grounds and boiling it over a campfire before straining it into your mug. Be warned, however, that you are likely to encounter coffee grounds in your cup, which can be effectively combated by calmly breaking an egg into your morning cup of coffee!

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