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Dev Technosys UAE

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Benefits of Construction Management Software Development for Businesses

Know more about construction management software development benefits Get a free quote Today, from a leading software development company.

An Ultimate Guide to Start a Food Delivery Business in Qatar

In previous times, weekend dinners with family were leisure like none other. Not anymore! Now, house parties and online food ordering have become a convenient option.

Whether it is about ordering a main course or dessert, your delicacies are just a few clicks away. If there is a key to that one time, it’s the ease of life owning to technological innovations.

eWallet App Development Cost, Features & Tech Analysis - Dev Technosys

Gone are days when people used to stand in long bank queues for money transfers and deposits! Now digitized solutions have changed the whole scenario and made it easier for people to make an online money transfer. For example, the introduction of the eWallet app development made life hassle-free for users and businesses worldwide. Now, people can expect contactless and fast transactions with the help of digital wallets.

An Ultimate Guide to Start a Food Delivery Business in Qatar

In previous times, weekend dinners with family were leisure like none other. Not anymore! Now, house parties and online food ordering have become a convenient option.

Whether it is about ordering a main course or dessert, your delicacies are just a few clicks away. If there is a key to that one time, it’s the ease of life owning to technological innovations.

How to Create an App for Blind People to Help Society?

Do you want to become the reason for a beautiful change in blind people’s lives? Then you must be here to create app for blind, we guess! Before we go further, let’s chat.
It is courageous to be one of the kind people who want to help society, especially those who are disabled. It isn’t surprising that more than 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide.

How to Develop a Video Editing App - Dev Technosys UAE Guide 2022

Do you want to develop video editing app? You must know you’re in the right place. Let’s start with the section where you must go through some important things before going straight to the video editing app development.

How to Build an App Like Skout? Dev Technosys UAE

With changing lifestyles, we have found a new way of finding love. Those days were old when people’s love stories revolved around books, movies and stories. Dating apps have become a new trend in the past few years.

Best Trading Apps in UAE - How to Build One for You? -

The pandemic era has completely changed how people invest in UAE and other regions. Since the pandemic, millennials have started micro-investing in stocks, increasing the demand for UAE trading platforms. According to the research, online investment services saw a rise in users by 55%, most of whom were aged 34 and above. Users simply search for the best trading apps in UAE and start trading. As a result, businesses got the golden opportunity to develop an online trading app without investment.

Top 7 Web Development Ideas to Start A Business in Middle East Dev Tech

It was easier for businesses to simply develop a website to create a strong online presence in previous times. However, the scenario has changed today. With the rising technological advancement, competition has increased, and as a result, users have to walk the extra mile to gain user attention and business profit.

Complete Guide for Building a Rappi Clone- [2022]

On-demand delivery app development is gaining immense popularity these days, and as a result, delivery apps like Rappi, Uber, and Airbnb are in high demand. The increased popularity of such applications has pushed most businesses to think about developing a Rappi clone app.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Farm Management Software? Detailed Guide

The farming business has grown a lot in the past few years. It is a lot more than simply producing food for a business venture. Today, with the help of cutting-edge tools and technologies, agriculturists easily focus on their farming activities while generating more profit and revenue. The farm management software also empowers businesses to manage their finances and other activities to get a deep insight into the farming performance.

How to Create a Diet and Nutrition App – Complete Guide!

Over the past few decades, health-conscious eating have become a habit for fitness freaks. Today, more and more people are switching to healthy diet and track their health progress via diet and nutrition apps. This high demand has also urged businesses to step into diet and nutrition app development.

7 Trending Food Delivery Apps in UAE [2022] – How to Build One for You?

There is no denying fact that UAE is a food paradise. But, as the number of the best food delivery apps in UAE isn’t limited, picking an app becomes a daunting task for citizens and businesses. With every passing day, the on-demand food delivery industry is turning into a profitable business option, and as a result, entrepreneurs and new businesses are stepping into food delivery app development.

How to Develop A Donation App: - Dev Technosys UAE

Do you want to develop a donation app? If you are running an NGO or a non-profit organization, it is essential to consider building a charity app. Want to know why and how? Read this blog as it highlights everything about donation app development. Many NGOs are considering the development of charity apps for managing their work easily.

How to Build a Food Delivery App Like Postmates? - Dev Technosys UAE

Compared to previous times, the food delivery landscape has undergone major shifts. Certainly, smartphones have become a very crucial asset for people nowadays. As a result, business services have shifted online, and the food & restaurant business is one of them. From booking a cab to shopping and ordering food online, smartphones are now used for everything.

Top 7 Construction Management Software in 2022 - Dev Technosys UAE

The introduction of construction software has resolved the problem of construction businesses to a great extent. With the high demand for online solutions, businesses are opting for construction management software development services. We hope the list of the best construction software mentioned in this blog is helpful for businesses to make the right decision.

How to Develop eWallet App in Minimum Budget? A Beginners Guide!

How to Develop eWallet App in Minimum Budget? How to get the digital wallet in minimum budget? Get a free quote for app development.

How to Build a PHP Application? | Tips to Build & Deploy PHP Web App

How to build a PHP application and web application, here are we show some tips and advantages by which you can easily build PHP websites and applications.

How to Create a Food Delivery App Like Talabat in Dubai – Features, Cost, & Business Model

The food delivery industry is one of the evergreen industries of the market. Suppose you have a unique idea for a food delivery app like Talabat. Then executing that idea by hiring the best app development company in Dubai can ensure your success. You just have to be clear about your organization’s requirements and priorities. Also, try to avail food delivery app development services from a well-known organization.

Top 10 Cities in Oman To Start eWallet Startup - Dev Technosys UAE

Do you want to start an ewallet startup in Oman? This blog will tell you about top cities of Oman to start that startup. Get a free quote!

Taxi App Development : The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Over the last decade, taxi development applications have been a highly competitive niche in the market of technology and science. Taxi booking application has made people able to book taxis, cabs, etc in a seamless manner according to their preference, number of passengers and cost. In the blog, you will get the full taxi app development guide.

How to Hire A Web Designer in 2022? A Complete Guide!

A decade ago there were as many as 2 billion websites on the internet. Today, there are more than 4.6 billion websites. So, needless to say, there is endless opportunity in the market and it is only growing outwards.

If you want to create a website that stands out from this competition, you need to hire a good web design company that can turn your idea into reality.

Top 10 Web Design Software in 2022 - Dev Technosys UAE

Are you looking for the best web design software for professionals to create stunning websites? As we all know, technological growth has left us all speechless. With growing time, the development of new edge-cutting technology is rising.

AEM Development Company | Hire AEM Developer

AEM comes with its own set of perks, including personalization, content management, and more. As a result, more businesses are switching to adobe experience manager development or AEM web development.

Adobe Experience Manager holds capability for advertising, content management, personalization, and visualization, which is deeply integrated into native business solutions.

How to Create a Food Delivery App Like Talabat

We all know that the food industry is evergreen worldwide. The never-ending craving for food among people is taking this food industry to a new level. It gives a significant boost to various on-demand food delivery apps that exist in the market. Along with every country worldwide, UAE also has a scalable user base for on-demand food delivery apps.