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Updated by Tom Fit on Jul 13, 2023
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Who Loves Cute | Learn How to Draw A Cat Easily

I Like This Blog-Video Tutorial - How to Easily Draw A Cat

Drawing helps me express my feelings through art. It serves as an escape to the regular world and enhances my creativity.

Amazrock Watercolor Pencils | 25 Painting Tips Review

Review These 25 Watercolor Pencil Painting Hacks (How To Paint A Realistic Cat) !
Watercolor Art Demonstration Using Amazrock Watercolor Pencils


I Like This Blog-Video Tutorial - How to Easily Draw A Cat

I Like This Blog-Video Tutorial - How to Easily Draw A Cat

Recently, I created a drawing of a cat using watercolor pencils. I had it for the major chunk, but things escalated south.

This’s where I came across an excellent blog with a video tutorial explaining how to draw a cat easily. It helped me create the best sketch to my abilities and boost my confidence significantly.


How to Paint A Cat | Dry 7 Wet Techniques

How to Paint A Cat | Dry 7 Wet Techniques

Proudly showing the final art drawing and painting by artist Lindsay.

Watercolor Colored Pencils by Amazrock is a Joy to Use. - Wakelet

I have tried many brands and pushed products to cope up with my heavy workflow. Glad to have this "Watercolor Colored Pencils by Amazrock" as part of my go-to supplies.


Life can be like Beautiful Colors | Brilliant Colors With Amazrock Watercolor Pencils

Life can be like Beautiful Colors | Brilliant Colors With Amazrock Watercolor Pencils
Love to draw and paint with color pencils | My List of The Best Watercolor Pencils

Artists turn imagination into reality through artworks.

The creative process that every artist goes through plays a critical role in producing extraordinary results.

Hence, I’ve curated a list of the best watercolor pencils that are 100% water soluble and have bright colors. Read this article

Amazrock Brands Shop - Home

Offers a wide range of Top Quality Products and Great Buy Deals. In addition, we review and provide a variety of product categories with our own Amazrock private-label brand to bring the quality and design uniqueness that our customers have come to know.

More Art Supplies for Professionals - Bianyo Art Permanent Blending Marker

I was recently shopping for a set of permanent markers when I discovered the Bianyo Markers set. When I looked up its evaluations on Amazon, I discovered very few comments but these all were positive. So, I ordered a set. After using it for a time, I've decided to share my thoughts on these pens. Keep reading!

About the Bianyo Marker Collection

Bianyo is a great art supply company. Their permanent markets are highly valued for both number and quality. These are dual-ended alcohol markers that come in 72 different colors. These are popular with both beginners and pros.

Sharing feedback, one consumer says in a review, "These markers are of high quality. I've been able to accomplish things I never imagined were possible thanks to this. For example, it was very easy for me to figure out how to color without streaking, which was tough with previous markers; I had no idea it was possible."

These bianyo marker pens will not disappoint professionals looking for a set of dual-ended watercolor pens. Its small tip and tilted larger tip provide greater control and precision for precise artwork and layering. Its pigment-based hues are rich and shimmery, and they dry rapidly, lowering the likelihood of blemishes or imperfections. Because these markers are alcohol-based, they should not be used in coloring books because the colors may bleed through to the other pages; however, they can be used on other surfaces such as glass, wood, pottery, plastic, fabric, ceramic, or acetate.


  • Good ink: The results are excellent because the ink is of high quality and resistant to water and light.

  • They are double-ended: The markers feature two tips, one fine tip of 1 mm and the other chisel tip of 7 mm, allowing unlimited possibilities.

  • Easy to handle: They are quite easy to use and have a square handle that makes it easier to grip.

  • Color palette: With up to 72 units, you'll have plenty of options for creating amazing graphics.

  • In a practical case: Because a very comfortable and handy bag is supplied, you can take your markers wherever you choose.


  • Few skin tones: Despite the fact that there are many markers, there aren't many with skin tones.

So that was my take on Bianyo markers. I believe these are high-quality markers at a reasonable price. As a result, these markers are an excellent choice for beginners. If you enjoyed my review, please share it with others. Thank you very much!