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My favorite Top 20 + ipad apps to #mlearning discovered through #tcdisrupt

Here is a list curated by with favorite ipad apps discovered using #tcdisrupt

#TechCrunch new branded #ipad app for #tcdisrupt

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about TechCrunch on the App Store. Download TechCrunch and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Dear friends like I promise you in my previous postLike you already now I am social media addicted who want to became a real curator teacher and for this reason I follow live many global online tech conferences like here where I describe Top 100 edtools and ipad apps to mLearning rediscovered through #iste13 , now when we back to school I will share weekly when I have time TOP 20 wich will replace Leweb and SXSW TOP 10, and monthly TOP 100 in my blog.

#SlideIdea reinvent and redefines the presentation experience on #ipad to #mlearning

Unique Features
•Create: SlideIdea’s smart widget and template technology makes slide creation an absolute breeze. Add widgets and beautiful cloud templates with a single touch.
•Interaction: SlideIdea allows the speaker to engage an audience through their mobile device. Designed to accommodate mobile device users, SlideIdea helps the presenter engage listeners through the use of smart phones, laptops, or tablets.
•Mobility: Freedom to be wherever, whenever. SlideIdea is designed to create, interact, and share on the go.

#Snapchat #ipad app to Experience a unique way to share life with friends and #mlearning

Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). They'll view it, laugh, and then the snap disappears from the screen - unless your friend takes a screenshot!

The image might be a little grainy, and you may not look your best, but that's the point. It's about the moment, a connection between friends, and not just a pretty picture.

The allure of fleeting messages reminds us about the beauty of friendship - we don't need a reason to stay in touch.
Give it a try, share a moment, and enjoy the lightness of being!

#YEVVO is the best way to let the world take part in your reality using #ipad to #mlearning

Go live by pressing one button and every friend who follows you will be instantly pushed live video. Your friends can comment on your stream and even re-stream your point of view to their followers!

It’s unpredictable, raw & no-reruns - just like life!

• Unlimited, free, high quality live video broadcasting

• Instantly push live video to your friends’ and followers’ pockets the moment you go live

• No re-runs! It's live or never!

• Discover – Explore live videos from places, people and topics you love in real time.

Zula has set a goal to streamline mobile collaboration and productivity to #mlearning

Zula is a mobile-focused young startup that took a good look at the productivity landscape and decided it was time for a change. With a team comprised of pioneers in the communication space as well as established entrepreneurs, Zula has set a goal to streamline mobile collaboration and productivity.

With a cross-platform mobile app, Zula offers teams the ability to manage a task without the hassle of being glued to a computer. The experience incorporates all elements of the average work flow including file-sharing, group and one on one messaging, a seamless on boarding process, as well as one-touch conference calling for the whole team.

#VoxPopMe, a simple way for you to voice your opinion and get paid for it to #mlearning

Brands are asking the questions and offering cashback in return for videopinions™
from consumers like you.

It’s really simple to use, just follow the live stream of questions waiting to be answered, then select a question to see the cash reward on offer.

To earn the cashback reward simply record a short video response and upload it to share your feedback directly with the brand.

As soon as you reach £25 from answering questions simply cash-out. It’s all handled securely through PayPal.

What are you waiting for? Become part of the VoxPopMe consumer panel by downloading the app today.

#CrowdFlik is the first collaborative video #ipad app to #mlearning

CrowdFlik is the first collaborative video tool that synchronizes the crowd’s mobile video feeds and organizes it so that users can easily create and share their own custom edits from any event. It's easy to synchronize and it's easy to create fresh video. CrowdFlik gives everybody a shared video experience.

Created for events where many people film but have no way to combine their video to share best angles and no way to create best-of edits – CrowdFlik makes it easy.
Based on its patented technology and user interface, CrowdFlik synchronizes and organizes multiple video feeds and gives users a simple way to create and share best-of-edits.
Sports teams, concert promoters and brands are embracing CrowdFlik as a platform to connect fans’ event video to the brands and events.
Whether you’re at a birthday party, wedding, soccer game or concert be sure to open the CrowdFlik APP, join the event (or create one so others can join you) and film away. Your video will be saved to your camera roll AND you and others will be able to create and share edits from all the best angles.

CrowdFlik puts you in the director’s chair by allowing you to create, view, save and share multiple custom edits of synchronized crowd sourced video.

#Bizzabo aims to enhance the business discovery and networking experience at events and conferences using #ipad to #m...

Features for attendees:
* Discover future relevant events, and find out who else will attend

  • Get suggestions for people you should meet, tailored by your personal profile or preferences

  • Interact with other attendees through in-app messaging and set-up face to face meetings on the spot

  • Leverage LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with new connections and be part of the buzz

  • Access event agenda, speaker bios, session locations, and other event resources right from your phone

  • Works Offline. No wifi? No problem! The app works even without an internet connection

Features for event organizers:
* Easy to setup: Bizzabo is a free solution, allowing you to create and publish your event in 2 min

  • Interactivity: communicate with attendees before, during, and after the event

  • Social Buzz: Social media integration helps attendees spread the word of your event

  • Promotion Tools: Easy-to-use dashboard provides templates, dedicated event links, and more for quick event promotion

  • Reporting and analytics: Get real-time social sharing analytics about your event

  • Sponsor/Exhibitor Space: Promote your sponsors on the app and socialize their presence, connecting them directly with attendees

#FatesForever is a multiplayer online battle arena #ipad app to mlearning

Fates Forever is a multiplayer online battle arena where you join one of two teams to destroy your enemy's structures in three vs. three real-time combat. You can expect a full blown MOBA game, like League of Legends, but completely reinterpreted from the ground up exclusively for tablets.

* All new touch based skillshots that will have you flicking, drawing lines, and more.
* Shorter match times of 15 minutes for a pick up and play MOBA experience.
* Character designs by a master artist who’s created paintings for Magic The Gathering
* A no compromise two lane map with towers, suppressors, and tribute waves.
* A jungle with neutral creep and two king-of-the-hill capture points.
* Continued updates adding new characters and game modes. Tell us what you want!

#Ansa is the safest place to let go, and be yourself with friends using #ipad to #mlearning

It’s the only messaging app that lets you communicate like you do in person, without leaving a record behind.

With Ansa you can go "off the record", and have full conversations that automatically disappear; send self-destructing photos and videos that only last for seconds; and take back the messages you already shared using synced deletion.

Why use Ansa?

  • Easily go "off the record" to communicate without leaving a record behind

  • Quickly send self-destructing photos and videos

  • Remove messages you sent to friends' phones with synced deletion

  • Filter and doodle on pictures

  • Search and share images and Youtube videos

  • Express yourself with fun drawings

#Anomo is a simple, safe, and fun way of interacting with people around you using #ipad to #mlearning

Join the mobile community that's democratizing the way people socialize. Anomo is a simple, safe, and fun way of interacting with people around you. Everyone on Anomo starts anonymous through an avatar, but you can reveal pieces of your real self that's 100% in your control. Chat 1-on-1, group chat with people nearby, and play ice breaker games to discover things about others. You just might find a match for new friendships, dating, or networking.

#Vello Share a moment in a personalized videa greeting card using #ipad to #mlearning

Send a group video greeting and a gift card to celebrate any occasion.

Record a Greeting
Record a video greeting instead of a card. Send something truly personalized.
Invite Friends
Invite your friends to add their own clips. Vello stitches everything together and sends the recipient a video card filled with familiar faces

#SuperFunKidTime - play dates made easy using #ipad to mLearning

Are you having a hard time getting your parents or guardians to arrange playdates during the longschool vacations? NO MORE!We're launching soon. Parents or guardians can register now for an early invite:

#braket #ipad app created by teachers for teachers to mlearning

BRAKET WAS CREATED BY EDUCATORS who understand what teachers need in their classrooms using mobile devices. THAT’S WHAT MAKES BRAKET DIFFERENT. We know teachers. We ARE teachers. Braket was designed after years of being part of a classroom where teachers and students were using their iPads everyday. We’ve thought differently about the solution A SEAMLESS MOBILE WORKFLOW was the fundamental difference. We realized that this was the solution.

#Layer - The open communications Build messaging, voice and video into your #ipad app in minutes to #mlearning

Add communications to your app with the Layer platform. The Layer SDK supports sending and receiving messages, making and receiving calls, and managing contacts. No server infrastructure is required. This team launch also

#Voxel makes mobile ads exciting and engaging using #ipad to #mlearning

Voxel was started because they were excited by the idea that any app could be accessed with a simple URL. As we started brainstorming we realized our technology could be useful for many things, not just interactive ads. At Voxel we believe that mobile application delivery and interaction is fundamentally flawed and there is a better way.
Users get to "try before they buy." Therefore every visit to the app store through a Voxel experience is purposeful and creates a higher lifetime value user.

#pandadoc Web and mobile platform to send digital documents with e-signature, annotations, change tracking to #mlearning

Send One format for all platforms. Convenient for both you and your customers. Sign Let your customers accept and sign documents online, on their phone or tablet. Seal the deal faster. Annotate Highlight and comment on the text in real time. Use Tool Settings to determine who can see what in your document. Send

One format for all platforms.
Convenient for both you and your customers.

Let your customers accept and sign documents online, on their phone or tablet. Seal the deal faster.

Highlight and comment on the text in real time. Use Tool Settings to determine who can see what in your document.

Know as soon as your documents are opened, what your clients are looking at, and for how long.


Touch Tap
Dynamic Keyboard
Intelligent Language Modeling
Dryft's patented touch tap technology can detect whether a tablet user is resting or typing when touching the keys. This allows users to rest their fingers on home row keys before typing any letters. Try that with today's tablets and you will see a bunch of unintended key strokes.

Dryft's patented dynamic keyboard is the industry's first finger tracking system. Dryft tracks the user's fingers while resting on the glass. With Dryft technology, the home row keys automatically come to your fingers and you don't have to search for those home row keys anymore.

Dryft works seamlessly with many existing language models to help disambiguate inaccurate typing. But the real magic of Dryft is how it minimizes those errors before they even occur. By adapting to your typing style, Dryft lowers your dependence on auto-correct.

#Connect #ipad app to connect with #pln and#mlearning

Connect is a universal communication tool. In one simple platform, you can see all the important details about the people you know and easily get in touch with them.

#Everypost for Twitter, Facebook & Google+

Description Everypost is the easiest and most convenient way to post multimedia content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, tumblr, Dropbox and via Email. Everypost provides a unique functionality that allows to adapt the message to each social network in a simple way and with an easier user experience, without having a 140 characters restriction.