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07 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bangkok - Vista’s and wonders await

Bangkok is really all you'd expect from Thailand's capital: loud, bustling, colourful, exhilarating, irritating, and just magical. Bangkok is a miniature of everything that makes Thailand unique. Temples and ancient sites dating back centuries coexist with 21st-century shopping malls with a quirky, yet high-end ambience.


Admire the Grand Palace's splendour

This should be your only visit to a significant historical tourist landmark in Bangkok. The regal complex lives up to the hype, with opulent mansions that would embarrass even the most extravagant modern monarchs. The stately palace, which was built in 1782 and is still used for significant ceremonies and hosting heads of state, has been the royal residence for decades. When visiting the Grand Palace, dress modestly, which means concealing your arms and legs and avoiding sloppy clothing.


Wat Pho is a Vietnamese temple

If your feet are up for additional walking, Wat Pho, located southern portion of the Grand Palace precinct, is a fantastic complement to your palace visit.

The temple, which was established by King Rama I, is Bangkok's oldest structure. It has long been regarded as a healing centre, and it was once known for its pharmacy and as Thailand's first "university," which were both initiated by King Rama III. The traditional healthcare school on the premises offers Thai and foot massages, but the fees are substantially more than those offered by parlours elsewhere in the city.


Arun Wat

Wat Arun is a victorious structure that dates back to the ancient battles between the old Siam and Burma. Ayutthaya was bought down to ruins after falling to the Burmese, but General Taksin and the survivors vowed to walk "until the sun rose again" and to build a shrine here. That temple was Wat Arun or the Temple of the Dawn. It was here that the new king's royal dwelling and private chapel were built later.

There are also plenty of Bangkok resorts such as what you can find in Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort for your enjoyment after a quick excursion.


Wat Traimit, the Golden Buddha Temple

This attraction is unique due to pure luck (or lack thereof). The East Asiatic Company bought the area around the temple in the 1950s.

The removal of a plaster Buddha statue was a condition of the sale, but the sculpture proved too hefty for the crane. The wire snapped, and the figure plummeted to the ground, where it remained for the night. It was during the rainy season, several monks passing by the next morning, discovered a glow of gold exposed through the plaster. After the coating was removed, a 3.5-meter Buddha made of 5.5 tons of solid gold was revealed.


Suthat Wat

Wat Suthat is one of Bangkok's oldest and most marvellous Buddhist temples, situated next to the Great Swing. It was built by three kings: Rama I (the founder of the Chakri dynasty) commenced it after his coronation in 1782, Rama II continued it, and Rama III finished it 10 years later.

The temple has some exceptionally enthralling wall paintings, complementing its lovely architecture. As Wat Suthat is lesser known than some of the city's other temples, you'll have a more peaceful and personal experience here.