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5 Fun things to do in Khon Kaen – It’s time for the vacation you truly deserve

Khon Kaen is the economic and financial capital of North-eastern Thailand, and the province is well-known for its high-quality silk. Khon Kaen, in the heart of Isan, Thailand's northeast province, has been one of the country's fastest-growing areas.


The 9-storeyed stupa

Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon Wat Nong Waeng is a temple that houses the Buddha's relics and collects Buddhist literature. The Jataka stories, the Buddha's life, assigned Buddha pictures for 7 days of week, and 16 Realms of Brahmas are depicted on each floor's door panels and windows. The Buddha's relics are enshrined in a mobile throne on the top level, and it is a beautiful site where visitors can see the breath-taking view of Khon Kaen town.

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Phrathat Kham Kaen

Phrathat Kham Kaen is a sacred site in the town, located at Wat Chetiyaphum province. Ban Kham has been a city for about 2,000 years, dating back to 43 CE. Inside the stupa now are relics and Buddha statues. On the full moon day of the 6th lunar month, the Phrathat Kham Kaen Homage Paying and Celebration Festival is performed.


Tri Lokkathat Maha Rattana Chedi

This magnificent stupa exemplifies the perfect fusion of modern and Isan folk arts. The stupa was constructed with the belief that the three worlds of heaven, humanity, and the underworld will collide. The artistic Buddha image, Phra Ong Dam, is also enshrined beneath the Chedi, as well as a Dhamma puzzle room. Visitors to the Chedi can learn about the three major pagodas of the three worlds, including Chedi Chula Mani, which is located in Buddhist Cosmology's second heaven, Naga Chedi, or Maha Rattana Chedi Si Trai Lokkathat.


Hup Taem Sin Sai and Sim Wat Chai Si

This is a historic temple that has been in existence since 1965. It consists of a significant structure, Sim or an Isan folk act, with exquisite murals showing Buddhist connected stories, culture, customs, Isan people's lifestyle, and local exquisite literature, Sang Sin Sai.


King Cobra Village

The King Cobra display at Ban Khok Sa-nga is well-known in the public eye. Almost every home in the village has a king cobra raised beneath it. The event includes a range of activities, such as snake dance and boxing between a man and a king cobra, to make it more attractive. Many villagers have gained notoriety as a result of their performances, and have taken on identities such as Karong Noi Mueang Isan, Thong Kham Lukthongchai, and others. Wat Si Thamma is also a venue where the King Cobra Club of Thailand puts on a snake exhibition and nurtures various snake breeds in cages with placards offering information about snakes.


Dam Ubolratana

For the residents of Khon Kaen, it served as a multi-purpose dam for energy generation, farming, fisheries, flood protection, transportation, and recreation. Restaurants, lodging, and certain activities are available within the Dam's region, such as a boat excursion to go sightseeing, appreciating a Garden of plant species found in the literature, a park of dinosaur's sculptures, and golf course service.

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