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Week 37 2013 | Canadian Personal Finance News

Here is a list of all the best news stories and blog posts in Canada released this week dealing with Personal Finance in Canada. Use #CDNFinance to search social sites for more conversation. if you would like to add something to the list, please go ahead! Also, consider letting us know which stories you have read by clicking "I've Read This"


Mutual fund fees: Absence of cost analysis in debate sparks comparison to flat earth society | Financial Post

An associate portfolio manager has compared his recent participation in an Ontario Securities Commission roundtable discussion on mutual fund fees to "sharing a platform sprinkled with members of the flat earth society." The notion John De Goey takes issue with is that new money should be automatically invested in funds that have recently beaten benchmarks, with no consideration of other factors including the cost of the investment.

The one-fund solution | Canadian Couch Potato

What's the best way to get started with index investing? That's the question Justin Bender and I ask in our new white paper, The One-Fund Solution. In our opinion, if you're new to self-directed investing and you have a relatively small RRSP or TFSA, the place to begin is ING DIRECT's Streetwise Portfolios.

The 4 Types of Retirement | Afford Anything

Paula Pant is all about deliberate choices in life, and her latest post about the four types of retirement is spot on.

Is your portfolio just a pile of parts? | Canadian Couch Potato

Is there difference between a diversified portfolio and a collection of investments? That's an insightful question Chris Turnbull asks in his new book Your Portfolio is Broken: Who's to Blame and How to Fix It. Turnbull is a portfolio manager with The Index House, an Edmonton wealth management firm.

The Media Wants You to Panic About Retirement | Jason Hull

A recent wave of media articles have trumpeted the notion that nobody is ever going to be able to retire, or, alternatively, if people do retire, they're still going to have to work as WalMart greeters or burger flippers to be able to make ends meet. Not so.

Why The Saskatchewan Pension Plan Is Worth A Look | Boomer & Echo

Low fees, locked in retirement's worth taking a look at the Saskatchewan Pension Plan

Stupid Cheap | Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Big Cajun man takes a run at replacing "penny wise, pound foolish" (too many words) with "stupid cheap". Pointless frugality gets you nowhere, folks.

5 things your bank teller isn't telling you | Money Sense

Bank tellers can waive fees, know how much you make and love to gossip.

Paying for Your Child's Education |

Paying for Your Child's Education As your child approaches their last few years of high school, the question of what comes after - and how your family will pay for it - is something that you'll all need to answer together.

Short Course On Investments Episode 1: Compound Returns and Risk | Money Geek

In the Short Course On Investments, you will learn the basics of investing through simple everyday language. The course covers the same material as The Short Book On Investments. In Episode 1, I cover 2 important concepts that you should keep in mind when you view any investment - they...

RESP Withdrawal rules | Retire Happy

From Jim Yih, the often-ignored and frequently surprising rules and restrictions that make up the withdrawal side of an RESP

Bestselling Author Derek Foster on Canada's Banks and Why Investors Learned the Wrong Lessons From the Financial Crisis

Derek Foster is Canada's youngest retiree. After building a portfolio of high-quality dividend-paying stocks, he was able to leave the rat race at the age of 34. Today, Derek is the author of several bestselling books, including Stop Working, Here's How You Can!, Money for Nothing, and Your Stocks for Free, and The Idiot Millionaire.

3 year Freeze on EI Premiums - Minister Flaherty | CBC News

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is to make an announcement in Ottawa Monday. (Patrick Doyle/Canadian Press) Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is making an announcement in the Ottawa area Monday. will carry the announcement live at 10:30 a.m. ET. More to come

Cynicism, The Canadian Pension Plan, And You | Spring (the blog)

The point: scoff if you like, but we have a public pension system in Canada that will likely make up a good portion of your retirement income, and its existence should be factored into your plans.

About Fee Only Financial Planner Sandi Martin | Spring (the blog)

Sandi Martin is my partner in crime curating this Canadian Personal Finance list - to find our more about Sandi and her Financial Blog - you can find her bio here - I'm Sandi Martin, and I'm the fee only financial planner behind Spring Personal Finance. I focus on "financial planning for regular people" because regular people who are most in need of professional help with setting and reaching financial goals are either ignored in favour of wealthier clients, or sold overpriced mutual funds by commissioned salespeople and then ignored.

Week 36 2013 | Canadian Personal Finance News [List] | First Foundation

Week 36 | Canadian Personal Finance News - In Case you missed what happened last week, here are all the posts from week 36 #CDNFinance

Canadian Personal Finance - Community | Google+

Welcome to our public community dedicated to smart conversation around finances in Canada. Please read our community guidelines before posting on the wall. Our community objective is to share information around smart household finance in Canada with specific content including budgeting, money management, investments and fee-only financial planning.

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