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Headline for TFT14 Summer - June 2014
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TFT14 Summer - June 2014

TFT is the only global follow-the-sun virtual ITSM conference where every selected speaker is paid. This list contains the speaker submissions from TFT14 summer which took place in June 2014.

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This is where you can watch the videos of all the speakers from TFT14 Summer, the global virtual ITSM conference brought to you by the Service Desk Institute (SDI).


Agile! DevOps! What's next? ValOps? Mark Smalley and Dave Van Herpen

Agile! DevOps! What's next? ValOps? Mark Smalley and Dave Van Herpen

This presentation explores the recent evolution of multidisciplinary approaches. We've seen Agile being used to develop new software releases better, quicker and cheaper than before by involving the business in iterative and incremental development activities. This often resulted in a backlog of potentially shippable releases waiting for the high-procedure IT Ops department to get around to deploying them. So folk used DevOps to get the deployment process sorted out by working on highly-automated continuous integration and deployment. Great! We've got the functionality into production! But wait - where's the value? Amazing as it seems after this Agile and DevOps revolution, no business benefits have been realized. Value is only actually realized when the users use their information systems effectively and efficiently. Organization lose on average 7.6% productivity due to IT issues and almost half of this is caused by poor use. Take a moment to reflect on your own business users.

Do you believe that they could get more value out of investments in IT? Do you think that they really understand the data in the systems and are not making costly mistakes based on misinterpretation? Is anybody monitoring how well the information systems are being used and helping users proactively? This is unfortunately often not the case. So after improving development and deployment of application releases, the next step is to improve how information systems are actually used. Just as Agile has facilitated closer collaboration between the business and IT for development, and DevOps has done the same for development and IT operations, there’s now a call to action to close the IT value circle by improving how IT operations and the business collaborate. The key word here is engaged. Follow this presentation to learn more...


ITAMOrg - New IT Asset Management Organization launched

ITAMOrg - New IT Asset Management Organization launched

A new organization has been founded that leverages professional development and networking in the area of IT Asset Management.
Join us at this speak and learn how to get involved!


That dead body is a CI

That dead body is a CI

When I mentioned this as TFT13, it had been a weird thing to say. But truly, the fact is that we provide service everyday. Whether we know it, realize it or not, we will still be providing a service. We've done ITSM and we've been hearing that it is time for ESM. But what is ESM? Let's talk about that.

The Target On Your Back

Most people start off to work each day with some simple goals/objectives and the best of intentions. Unfortunately, days are long and lots of stuff goes other than how it was planned.

When things don't go the way your customer wants them to, even if you've met all your explicit agreements, you're still at risk!. It's times like these where customers will judge you and start making decisions that will affect and your organization -- for better or worse.

Handling it "the way we've always done it" and blowing a customer expectation is the organizational equivalent of painting a large bulls-eye on your back. Next thing you know, you're out of the game for good! The worst part is that many never see it coming.

In this session, I will lay out some of the major areas where service providers are most likely to sabotage themselves and discuss ways to address them before they become a problem.

Timezone: US
Twitter: @ken_gonzalez


Integration & Automation - Future of Service Fulfillment

Integration & Automation - Future of Service Fulfillment

Buzz word for today is 'Do It Yourself', yet we find self service solutions not very well adopted in organizations. Today organizations are making huge investments on service desk and technical resources to ensure timely fulfillment.All of this affects end user experience.

My session will reveal the beauty and benefits of an integrated & automated service fulfillment solution which is definitely one of the key aspects of *"Tomorrow's" *service management implementations.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Shadow IT

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Shadow IT

Nervous about your future? Suddenly hearing a lot about 'ShadowIT'? That term isn't new but it's usage has exploded in recent months. What's it all about? Why should corporate I.T. care? More importantly - WHAT SHOULD I.T. DO about ShadowIT?... Anything? Nothing?
In this session, Ian Aitchison describes how corporate IT departments can understand, measure and manage ShadowIT, and potentially turn the whole conundrum into a massive win win for everyone involved.


ABC of ICT the number 1 success or fail factor for ITSM

ABC of ICT the number 1 success or fail factor for ITSM

10 years ago we conducted our ABC (Attitude, behavior, Culture) workshops. Revealing the top reasons why ITSM improvement initiatives fail. 10 years later the shocking results are the same!! still too many IT organizations fail to gain sustainable value from investing in best practices. We can no longer afford to fail! In this session I will reveal the latest ABC types of resistance and reveal success factors from experts and practitioners.

Leverage ITIL beyond IT to deliver true value

We have been swarmed for years talking about how IT can get benefited using ITIL best practice framework for more than a decade. Its time that as practitioners, we use them to provide value to various aspects of Industry like Hospital, Transport, Health Services and more importantly in our day to day aspects to deliver true business outcomes.

Do you Exist in IT Socialism?

In an ever changing market space businesses are given a seemingly unlimited choice of solutions to help them achieve their outcomes. Long gone are the days where the IT department is the only real choice. In this presentation I will speak to how new options can be managed and where IT is able to play a role enabling business success.

Dead cat syndrome | The IT Skeptic

One of the things ITIL V3 improves is the whole development/production interface, introducing radical concepts like production readiness, acceptance, evaluation... oh and testing. Heady stuff. But something that was omitted from ITIL V3 was documentation of Dead Cat Syndrome: chucking new services across the Production fence like a dead cat.

Operational readiness of new and improved services ensures a smooth transition from Project to Production. ITIL talks about it in a number of places, but I think Operational Readiness needs to be recognised as a practice in its own right, like any other ITIL "process". OR is not (just) about being a gatekeeper to Prod: it's about ensuring readiness throughout the lifecycle. OR provides a positive benefit for the customers, projects, development, and operations, preventing Dead Cat Syndrome.

This presentation has been well received every time. For TFT14 I'll be updating it, with new material on warranty periods (what ITIL hilariously calls Early Life Support).


How Network Virtualization is going to change everything.

How Network Virtualization is going to change everything.

We've all been hearing a lot of hype around NfV (network function virtualization), SDN (Software Defined Networking) and the like, and ready or not open networking is going to be a reality in the next year or two. You're probably thinking, "that's great for Amazon and really huge corporations with giant networks" but who cares? You do. Network Virtualization changes the way you'll be doing business, getting entertained, communicating with your friends, using your devices, and interacting with your stuff. Get a short view of the future by voting for this session.


The Service Desk is dead - again!

The Service Desk is dead - again!

We go through waves of “experts” telling us that the service desk is dead and organisations are moving on, or that BYOD is removing the need for the service desk.

I will be putting forward a more pragmatic response to that, including (spoiler alert) some tips to make your service desk work better for your organisation.

Create service catalogues people will really love!

Most of the service catalogues I've seen are technical focused. Even the clear defined offer of is more or less technical and feature focused. Of course, they have a very clear structure and transparent pricing. These are two very important facts to get a service catalogue customers will like.