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Headline for Wow! Check out The Bizarre News on this Fascinating List
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Wow! Check out The Bizarre News on this Fascinating List

Some of the most bizarre news stories found on Wow! Check out The Bizarre News on this Fascinating List

How Do Lobsters Communicate? Weirdest Way Possible. It's Really Crazy

How do lobsters communicate? Well, Lobsters have a strange form of communication we're just now learning about. Long story short, They Pee in Each Others Face! Find out more about lobsters strange communication right here.

Graphic Video showing Luis Felipe Manvailer murder his wife Tatiane Spitzner

Watch the full tragic video taken from CCTV footage showing the last desperate moments in the life of Tatiane Spitzner, as she does her best to escape & fight off her much larger attacker and murderer, her husband, Luis Felipe Manvailer. Tatiane Spitzner Murdered By Luis Felipe Manvailer Graphic Full CCTV Footage

Adult Star Stephanie Matto Hospitalized For Farting Into Jars

Find out about Adult star Stephanie Matto who farts into jars and sells them on the internet. She has been hospitalized for a lifestyle that promoted producing as much gas as possible. You've got to read this.

Dolphins Getting High On Puffer Fish Passing It Like Humans Do Weed

In extraordinary scenes filmed for a documentary, young dolphins were seen carefully manipulating a certain kind of puffer fish which, if provoked, releases a nerve toxin resulting in the dolphins getting high in groups.

Japanese Bagel Head Trend That Never Was!

Have you heard of the bagel head trend? If not you're not alone but that didn't stop the media from pretending it was the huge Trend in Japan read on to find out about The Japanese Bagel Head Trend That Never Was and how the Media Caught Lying. Find out The Truth about Japans Bagel Head Trend.

Skittles Unfit For Human Consumption Lawsuit Claims

A group of consumers are suing candy maker Mars, alleging Skittles contain a "known toxin" that makes the rainbow candies "unfit" to eat. Skittles Unfit for Human Consumption Lawsuit Claims

How Do Roosters Fertilize Eggs Without A Penis - Expanded Fun Facts

Do you know roosters don't have a penis? it's true, but that begs the question, How do Roosters Fertilize Eggs Without a Penis? Find out right here, right now!

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Dropil Crypto Scam Cost Customers $1.9 Million Crooks Get 3 Years In Prison

Crypto scammers, Jeremy David McAlpine & Zachary Michael Matar from investment management service Dropil, lied to their customers and federal regulators about the return on investment they expected.