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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Coliving Tips in Japan - Embracing Diverse Lifestyle Themes

If your passion involves capturing intriguing content and siphoning life-changing ideas from epic surroundings and personalities, the co-living trend facilitates global mobility and multi-cultural exposure with an affordable formula. Here's how to thrive in Japan's welcoming co-living scene.


Choose your 'Theme'

In a country like Japan, with its medley of harmonious innovativeness and nature-kissed modernity, it's no wonder that expatriates and digital nomads find that the tranquil and hardworking environment enhances their creativity, wellbeing, and overall quality of life. The contemporary lifestyle movement first gained popularity in major cosmopolises like Tokyo and Osaka; an iconic reality TV show featuring this trend served to nudge the more reserved locals to step out of their comfort zone! A clever and unique aspect of Japanese 'share housing' is the designating of a theme for every property, which enables tenants with similar interests, values, and lifestyle preferences to live together in a customised space. Therefore, for instance, if you're looking for a tech-savvy abode full of minimalist sophistication and up-to-date equipment for freelance work, you are more than likely to find a tailor-made home and a compatible community in no time!


Know your Non-negotiables

When perusing through potential new homes, you are sure to find both delights and pain points; therefore, it's essential to know exactly what amenities you can't imagine life without. For instance, a superior Wi-Fi connection, a smart home system, a well-equipped workstation, and recreational facilities for unwinding could be your essentials if you're a freelance content writer or web developer. Hard-core gamers would need a share house with a large screen, ample gaming consoles, and preferably fellow gamers on hand! The fantastic thing about duplex living situations is that remote workers can thrive on their month-to-month paycheck and even build on savings as this set-up is not only affordable but also free from any added costs like broker fees, security deposits, furniture, appliances, maintenance, and utilities – it's all taken care of!


Consider the location

The vibrant cities of Japan and their breathtaking surroundings dipped in nature are full of inspiration regardless of whether you're drawn to art, culture, architecture, or technology. The best co-living accommodations combine economic and efficient living in thriving urban hubs with excellent connectivity to delightful escapes in secluded and scenic enclaves. If you're seeking out sophisticated apartments in Fukuoka proffering prime access to the most alluring city hotspots, venture no further than lyf Tenjin Fukuoka.


Be Open to Collaboration

Whether it's bonding over sushi, cherry blossoms, and samurai or bouncing ideas off other creatives sharing your living space, this community-oriented ambience serves to enrich multi-faceted relationships with like-minded individuals. Therefore, make the best use of the professionals living under your roof, whether that's enjoying game nights and day trips or working together to brainstorm an out-of-the-box collaboration! For instance, if you're an app developer and your roommate specialises in AR/VR development, you can upscale your software to immerse your users in a 3-D experience!


Follow Basic Etiquettes

Even though Japan's themed co-living spaces ensure that you'll have common ground with those you live with, make sure to avoid unnecessary friction by being a considerate roommate. For instance, follow house rules such as the division of chores, keep noise levels down during working hours, and do your best to be a pleasant and helpful person to be around!

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