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Headline for Top 6 Attractions in Hoi An – Enjoy taking a peek into an ancient era as you enjoy the progressiveness!
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Top 6 Attractions in Hoi An – Enjoy taking a peek into an ancient era as you enjoy the progressiveness!

This famous ancient trading hub on the central coast of Vietnam retains the old-world charm with weather-beaten pagodas and old buildings as great strides of progress are visible just out of the old city with traffic rushing past the rice fields. Savour this mix of both worlds as you enjoy Hoi An.


Hoi An ancient city

A noteworthy example of a well preserved Asian trading port which had been the trading hub between the west as well as the east of Vietnam. Visiting the ancient city is one of the best things to do in Hoi An. Even at present, it retains visible influences of Chinese, Japanese and some Western presence in Hoi An. Numerous timber-framed buildings and commercial and domestic structures feature Chinese and Japanese architecture, religious places such as pagodas, a notable wooden Japanese bridge, and hanging Chinese lanterns blend to create a unique atmosphere of another era.


Experience Hoi Van Pass

Located about an hour and a quarter away from Hoi An, the Hoi Van Pass traverses the Truong Son mountain range giving you a spectacular view of the landscape as it winds its way up for 21 kilometres through the hills. Guests from hotels such as Anantara Hoi An Resort revel in the beauty of the green vistas and the shimmering views of the ocean and pristine white beaches. An awesome sight and exhilarating experience especially as they reach a peak of nearly 500 metres. This is a must-do motorbike ride by yourself or with others to soak in the glorious views.


The awesome Golden Bridge

An architectural masterpiece opened in mid-2018, enticing visitors. At 1400 metres above sea level and being 150 metres long the bridge earned its name due to the spectacular gilded railings. The two giant hands seemingly lifting the broad walkway towards the blue skies against green vistas below depict a pretty awesome image making this a must-visit attraction.


Marble Mountains

Located in proximity to Hoi An on the coastal road to Da Nang these five peaks of limestone outcrops are named after natural basic elements, water, wood, fire, metal and earth. In the ancient years, the Cham people of central Vietnam revered these peaks as spiritual sites. It is said that even Emperors of Vietnam passing through this area paid special visits to the peak. At present a vast network of caves. Tunnels and pagodas built later blend with the natural surroundings framed by frangipani and vines with the ornate roofs of the pagodas drawing the attention of the visitors. Visiting these mountains early in the day is ideal to have a look at the caves and pagodas etc.


A private tour of Hoi An

This will be an enchanting experience to feel the local vibes with a local guide. Visit the Cam Thanh fishing village, note the village houses among coconut palms, and meet the local family who will welcome you with a refreshing drink, thereafter set off for the fishing expedition on a unique basket boat. It will be a novel feeling trying your hand at catching fish. On your return observe souvenirs being turned out of water coconut leaves and indulge in a blissful foot massage to rejuvenate your feet. Experiment with preparing spring rolls and traditional pancakes before partaking in a meal with the family. Take a boat ride back to the old city to explore the architecture and history of the old city. Enjoy a Vietnamese coffee as you relax and complete your fulfilling tour.


Explore the Tra Que Village

This charming village on the border of Hoi An is aptly named after the sweet-scented vegetables used to enhance normal meals by the Pho Hoi people. Famed for growing vegetables and herbs of high quality. The crowd-free lush gardens full of vegetable crops are a haven for visitors to walk around and learn from. As no chemicals are used for cultivation many locals and visitors can learn the farming practices adopted here. A day of leisure, serenity and learning.