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7 Awesome Things to Do in Mui Ne, Vietnam - Discover the splendour of a seaside resort town!

Mui Ne is a much-loved beach resort near the Southern Coast of the South China Sea, close to Saigon. The beaches and dunes are among its star attractions. Here are the top things to do here!



The beach at Mui Ne stretches along the popular seaside town located in the province of Binh Thuan. The sandy coastline extends almost 15 km with all kinds of lavish beachfront resorts nearby. The northern stretch of the beach at Mui Ne is occupied by traditional fishing villages, and the southern sections have all sorts of recreational stuff from swimming to water sports.
The waters are rock-free, which makes kitesurfing an extremely popular activity. The most suitable time to try it out is from November to March, with cloudless skies and sunny days lasting throughout the period.
Suoi Nuoc Beach is also beautiful with immaculate white sand. It is popular among tourists as well. If seclusion is what you need, head to Hon Rom beach in the north. It is close to the red dunes and a popular spot for the locals.


Ride down the red dunes

If adventure is what you seek, then this is for you! Found 3km northward, the terrain is highly reminiscent of a middle eastern desert. Discover fantastic scenes of the ocean from the top of the dunes. Riding down the red slopes is a popular activity. Alternatively, stroll about these dunes on foot if you are feeling adventurous.


Po Shanu Cham Towers

These are remnants of the Champa Empire and have been there since the 9th century. The towers are used for religious purposes and were built to venerate the Hindu gods, Lord Shiva, Nandi, and Agni. They are maintained to this day. From the summit of Ong Hoang Hill, you can catch sight of the coastlines beneath.


Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain spreads across 25 hectares of verdant rainforests, wildlife, limestone caverns, and decorated Buddhist temples. Located an hour away from Mui Ne, the summit is accessible along a 2-hour hike via the wilderness. One can also opt for a 10-minute cable car. Its main draw is the 49-metre statue of the reclining Buddha, considered the biggest in Vietnam.


The fairy stream!

It is one of the best things to do in Mui Ne. You can wade through the fresh ankle-length water of the fairy stream. There are brown, yellow, and red limestone formations encircling the quiet and peaceful surroundings. You will be rewarded with a small waterfall at the end of the stream. Take swimwear or a change of clothes with you for a rejuvenating swim.


Bike across the White Dunes

Go quad biking across the dunes for an exciting high adrenaline experience! Rent a quad bike to get you to the top of dunes; this can also be done by walking, although it can get tiring. Try renting a quad bike among friends or other travellers to help save some money.


The Castle

This depilated French manor sits on top of Ong Hoang Hill, with amazing vistas of the countryside and the coastline of Phan Thiet. Duke De Montpensier was built around 1911; the construction spreads 536 square metres. However, an ancient tower and a few military bunkers are what remain today. One can find some fantastic accommodation around here as well and the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort make for good options.

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