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The Parentshala website is a blogging platform for students and parents. These blogs are designed to inspire students, give them study tips, thoughts to ponder, parenting tips and strategies, and inspirational stories for parents and their children.

Keep Up The Positive Spirit And Enhance Your Future| Parentshala

Grades Do Not Define Intelligence. Getting into a Positive mindset with a Positive Attitude Leads to Success and Happiness. It helps you manage easily the daily happenings of life

Childhood Depression: conflict between parents and teenager

My parents won’t understand me! What do Parents Need to Know? Sometimes it is difficult for parents to understand their kids. If you are stuck, you are doing everything else Just don't keep on moving for the sake of this society and your parents. Let them talk to you. They will get it.

Parents play a key role in child development & their education

Parents play an important role in the education and development of their children · Give more time and care to your children and bring them an environment contributing to their study.

Learn Parenting Techniques |Implement Positive Strategies

Does Every parent want to know How to raise my child as a topper? Learn positive parenting techniques and strategies to give your child a topper mindset. Parents play a vital role in child care and raising their children from morals to the support and lifestyle all depending upon positive parenting

Get tips on avoiding mobile addiction and limiting screen time

Your Digital Device Is Controlling You and Your Child. Read our blog on how to avoid mobile addiction and limit screen time by a well Known author Mr Avinash Agarwal.

Here are 10 ways to help your child study smarter

I would like to share some important tips about how to study smarter rather than harder. How would you describe education's main purpose? Unfortunately, many students lack this skill.I beleive the primary the skill students learn in school or college is learning how to learn.

What you need to know about being a great student

Discover 10 important ways or tips to become a great student on this best blog. Spending your time trying to be better than others will not lead to much learning. Teenage is a time of uncertainty, of pleasing everyone and sometimes forgetting who you are.

10 Things to avoid that are demotivating your child

What ensures effective parenting?Having self-sufficient, self-starting kids who do their work without nagging or threats is every parent's dream. Teenagers are, unfortunately, not like that. Getting them to do their homework and house chores requires a lot of prodding and poking. Some parents fear that this easy-going attitude will continue into their adult lives when they enroll in higher education and have difficulty finding employment.

10 tips to reduce gaming or screen time in children

Here are 10 major recommended guidelines to reduce gaming addiction for children. As long as your child is under the age of 18, you should have the say in how much time they spend immersed in their games.

10 questions Smart Parents ask themselves

Do you think you are motivational parents with your thoughts? Smart Parents make it a point to be highly aware of their interactions with their kids. All parents want what is best for their child however the best is this case often turns out to be a protected, sheltered life without turning any useful life-skills

10 Positive Parenting Tips and Advice You Need to Know

Read 10 Positive Parenting Tips & Advice will help you learn more about your child's development, positive parenting, safety, and health at each phase of your child's life.

Top 10 Advice on Parenting a teenager

Do you Want to Be a Good Role Model for your child? Children learn from watching their parents. The Steps You Can Take Right Now to Be a Better Teen Parent.There is nothing abnormal about having limiting beliefs. You may be unaware that you are passing on limiting beliefs to your children if you have them as a parent. Despite your best efforts, they will hold onto the beliefs you teach them.

Get the Right Educational Tips and Guide

Find the best educational tips and guides. This educational coach or mentor helps you to top in exams. Learn amazing study methods & recognize what type of learner you are. How to get the best academic support — Remember that education doesn't happen in a vacuum. Education is always about learning from others.Download free e-book now

What is the Difference Between Average Students and Toppers?

We love how Rancho of 3 idiots gave such a refreshing outlook to the student’s life that mostly juggles between the TAGS of toppers and average students. His character served as the appropriate explanation to what is the difference between average students and toppers.

Your Dreams and Goals can be achieved by the Right Thinking

For every student, it is crucial to learn how to think right and what to think. In order to achieve goals and dreams, right thinking is both an art and a science. But when it comes to our goals and dreams, we continue moving in the wrong direction, thinking that we will change our habits/take action from the next day, week, or month.

Students, Can I have your attention please!!!!

Do you often feel lost as and when you sit down to study? Are you not able to concentrate in your Class? Your attention does!!Most of the students think that they have problems with retention. But the problem lies in your lack of attention

Do you know your self-talk determines your success?

Believing in yourself means having self-assurance in your abilities. It means being able to trust yourself to do what you say you'll do and knowing that self belief and hard work will always earn you success

Changing Your Life through Mindful Thoughts

Would you consider yourself a reader? If you said yes then keep it up! Your life can be changed by mindful thoughts. There is no greater leader than a reader. You only need to find the book that has the solution to your problem and start reading it. This is how reading a few minutes a day can turn out to be a huge milestone in your life.

Concentration in class is important, don't you think?

When you sit down to study, do you often feel lost? Do you struggle to concentrate in class? Your attention does!! Most students believe that they have difficulty retaining information. However, the problem lies in your inattention. The quality of your presence is much more important than your attendance.

It is true that content is king, but context is kingdom

Throughout this article, you will learn how context is more important than content. Is it really necessary to judge anyway? It certainly cannot be said that we are perfect creatures from heaven, can it? A short story briefs you on the best understanding between content and context.

Follow the road that successful people follow

The easiest way to get successful in life is to stay consistent with your goal. No matter how hard the path gets, success comes to those who lead this road with patience. If you believe in your instincts, you will be able to succeed in any exam that life throws.

Why are gratitude and attitude essential?

Do you know why gratitude and attitude are essential? So, what are you grateful for at this moment? Close your eyes and think for a minute. Let me tell you a little anecdote from last year.

It is easier to blame god for your failures, but how often do you give time for self-assessment? Self-assessment with time is crucial to identify the areas that hinder your progress and stop you from achieving your goals. The external environment rarely hampers your growth. Internal conflicts are the root cause of our troubles, which you can resolve with self-reflection and introspection.