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Prodigy Baby, by Raising Superstars

Awaken your 0-3 year old baby's hidden geniuses & potential to help them with a life of success, confidence, health, and happiness.

Prodigy Baby, by Raising Superstars | As Seen On Shark Tank (India)

Awaken your 0-3 year old baby's hidden geniuses & potential to help them with a life of success, confidence, health, and happiness.

Top 5 Empowering Positive Parenting Tips in 2022

EDUCATION Top 5 Empowering Positive Parenting Tips in 2022 raisingsuperstar, 10 mins ago 3 min read 1 In any circumstance, parenting requires a lot of time, patience, and effort. Even with children in your household.

Reading books to your baby - Storytelling way of engaging with your baby

Reading books or storytelling is not only an engaging activity but it also is a fun way to teach your baby a lot of new things. And it all begins with little things – little tips and tricks.

The little things that you do with your baby today, will amount to a great deal of things in their future.

Here are the top Super Parent Tips from the second episode of The Prodigy Show that tell you how and why the little things are important.

How everybody can do best for their babies?

Everybody wants to do the best that they can for their babies. The last episode of the Prodigy Show with Raghav Himatsingka featured some interesting tips for us to keep in mind to raise our babies right.

6 Things Your Baby Wants You To Know!

What makes your child a prodigy? It is your willingness to take action as a parent is what makes all the difference. Take action now and raise a prodigy baby.
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Essential parenting tips for parents of toddlers

Bringing up a toddler the right way is not an easy task, but these parenting tips help you understand the do's and don'ts of great parenting!

Baby Feeding Guide for Parents: First Three Months

Give your child as they embark on their journey of growth with the help of a baby feeding guide.

Montessori Education | Raising Super Stars

Montessori education is a special education system with its five-core principles focused entirely on a child’s needs and overall development.

Ideal Weight and Height Chart for Infants Month by Month

A quick guide for all those anxious parents who need a comprehensive baby weight and height chart for Infants Month by Month.

Essential items for newborn baby that you must have

A downloadable/printable list of every essential item you need for your newborn baby is waiting for you right here.

Baby Developmental Milestones for Birth to 3 Years

Here are the developmental milestones your baby should be achieving from birth until age 3. Enjoy them and marvel at how fast your little one is growing up.

Ideal Sleeping Hours for New Born Baby

Proper sleep is crucial for babies for proper development and growth. Here’s the ideal sleep schedule that your newborn needs until she is a year old.

10 Parenting Tips Every New Mom Needs

New moms have hundreds of questions about bringing up their newborn children. Here are some tips to enjoy this phase the most.

15 DIY Kid Friendly Activities for Toddlers

Learn how you can keep your toddler engaged in enjoyable activities and teach him essential skills while having fun.

Communication Skill Development Activity for Newborns

You can start training your baby to be an excellent communicator right from birth with slow, steady steps. Here’s all you need to know.

When does Your Baby begin to Recognise You?

Every Mom waits for the moment when her baby recognises her and greets her with a happy smile. Here’s when that’s likely to happen.

Parenting Tips for Infants | 0-6 Month Milestones for Babies

Parenting is exciting accompanied by a whole new level of responsibility.. There might be times when you feel anxious, but with the help of proper knowledge, you can raise your superstar in most effectively.. Continue reading and learn some good parenting tips for infants.
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Should I Take a Parenting Class?

Joining a parenting class is a good way to get introduced to the basics of parenting and preparing for raising a child. But, how much of it is needed differs from parent to parent. Here’s all you need to know.

4 Stages of Cognitive Development - Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Get an insight into how children think and learn at different stages of their lives. Learn how to apply the Jean Piaget theory practically and improve your child’s interactions with the world including their productivity and EQ.

Top Cognitive Development Milestones in Early Childhood

The importance of knowing cognitive development milestones, Cognitive Development Milestone Chart 0-12 Months, In the First Month.

5 Positive Parenting Techniques for 2-3 Year Olds

Two and three-year-olds have just reached their rebel stage. If you tell them, “don’t bang on the table”, they’ll only hear “bang on the table.”
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4 Emerging Trends in Early Childhood Education

Here are 4 emerging trends in early childhood education. Read more to educate yourself and make the best choices for your little ones.
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The initial stages of development are crucial for the positive growth of your little one. Attaining certain milestones in the growth process is vital for your baby's future.
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