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Headline for How to Eat Like a Local in Abu Dhabi - For the best gastronomic experience!
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How to Eat Like a Local in Abu Dhabi - For the best gastronomic experience!

Trying new dishes in unfamiliar locations is a must! You won't want to miss out on the exceptional local cuisine while you're in Abu Dhabi. This food is a fusion of western and traditional Arab dishes from the region. It is well-deserving of the name "heaven for foodies"! This article will provide a list of all the meals that you need to devour in order to satiate your taste buds!



The Khuzi, which is also called the Ghuzi, is the cuisine that is considered to be the national food of the United Arab Emirates. Although it is more often offered during special occasions, you can frequently find it on the menus of many local eateries. The dish consists of an entire roasted leg of lamb or perhaps even mutton that is served atop delicious rice that is laced with nuts, raisins, and veggies on top. The dinner is traditionally prepared with a whole lamb or sometimes goat, but many restaurants now provide portions for a person.


Al Harees

This is a meal that centres on meat. Lamb is the primary meat that is often utilised in the preparation of this meal. Harees is often reserved for special events like weddings or the holy month of Ramadan. Cooking takes a very long time, but most people agree that the end result is delicious and well worth the trouble. The chef starts by soaking the meat and ground wheat in salted water for several hours before beginning the cooking process. After the meat has been cooked fully and integrated into the wheat, the delicious combination will be placed inside of a clay pot where it will be buried underground and kept for at least a couple of hours! The dish is drizzled with some fresh ghee. You will be spoiled for choice if you are seeking the best Abu Dhabi restaurant that provides genuine and traditional food since there are so many of them! For a memorable experience in gourmet cuisine, book your stay at a resort such as the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort.


Milk and dates

Do you feel like you could use a jolt of energy? Then give milk and dates a shot; the locals swear by this combination and call it an energy booster. Not to add, it makes for a delicious snack! During the month of Ramadan, this meal is one of the most common options for breaking the fast. In addition to that, this nation has an exceptionally large date production! You can get your hands on this scrumptious dessert fruit in pretty much any place in the United Arab Emirates since it is so widely available. It can even be found in the parks.



It is essential that you indulge in the regional specialities while you are vacationing. Abu Dhabi is widely known for its seafood! You would be able to choose from a seemingly endless variety of fish at any one of the many fish markets that are in this area. The Madrooba, which is a delicacy consisting of fish that has been salted and cured, is a favourite among the locals here! After being washed, the fish is prepared using a traditional Arab spice mixture resulting in a mouthwatering dish.



Do you like pizzas that have just come out of the oven? Then you shouldn't leave the Arabian Peninsula without having at least one serving of the Manakeesh, which is a typical cuisine from that region. On top of a substantial portion of freshly cooked flattened dough, you may choose to have cheese, minced meat, fresh veggies, or Zatar sprinkled on it. You may have it in the morning, at lunch, or even as a light snack! You can get a Manakeesh just about everywhere, from hawkers on the street to chefs at the finest restaurants.