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Goal Setting: Building student agency and motivation!

Teacher resources, advice, and media about goal setting.

Engaging students in goal setting and monitoring progress - NWEA

Learn strategies and tips for getting students to set meaningful, attainable goals, and track their own progress. Discover why student-led goal setting can be a powerful motivator toward academic success.

Goal-setting practices that support a learning culture -

Having students set their own goals and monitor their progress is most effective when teachers are able to create a culture, rather than following prescriptive steps.

Strategies to Support Student Goal Setting in the Classroom - TeacherVision

Best practices for supporting students to set goals in your classroom with advice on how to monitor students’ progress and recognize their hard work and dedication.

Setting SMART Goals in the Elementary Classroom | Edmentum Blog

The SMART goal setting framework can be put to use in the elementary classroom to help students take ownership of their academic journey and personalize the learning experience. Here's three tips to make it work!

Student Goal-Setting and Motivation with Digital Vision Boards - Teacher Reboot Camp

Use digital vision boards to help students get started with goal setting.

Goal Setting for Students & Visioning Tools •

Goal Setting for Students: Teaching kids goals setting is essential. It is a skill that affects both a child's school and life successes

42 Goal Setting Activities for Students & Kids (+ PDF)

Learning how to set goals in school and role model the right behaviors that can encourage effective goal setting by students and kids.

How to Guide Students to Set Academic Goals With Self-Regulated Learning | Edutopia

Encouraging students to set goals for themselves—the first phase of self-regulated learning—helps them develop a growth mindset.

6 Activities That Inspire A Goal-Setting Mindset In Students | Edutopia

From daily sticky notes to multi-week hopes and dreams conferences, here are six activities to help foster a goal-setting (and goal-achieving) mentality in students.