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Are you looking for an online shop where you can always find high-quality THC gummies and other hemp products? We invite you to browse the PharmaCBD store and take advantage of our offers.
Every product is sent for lab testing to certify purity. You can be sure of getting only the best CBD, Kratom, Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, and Delta 10 THC from us!
We sell CBD gummies and other products both to end consumers and wholesale partners. Discover the PharmaCBD offers on our online shop now!

PharmaCBD - Premium CBD & Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC Products

PharmaCBD is your premium quality hemp store for hemp derived Delta 8, CBD, edibles, tinctures, gummies, candy and so much more. Shop now!

D8 Edibles - Hemp Derived Delta-8 THC Cherry Sours - PharmaCBD

PharmaCBD's tasty Cherry Sours are made with hemp-derived Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 acts on the endocannabinoid system to promote physical feelings of exhilaration or euphoria. Since Delta 8 is less potent than traditional THC, it leaves the mind clear while creating an effect that’s primarily felt in the body. At PharmaCBD, our main focus is to help you improve your physical and mental wellness. Contact us today to ask any questions you have.

Triple Layer PM Bears with Melatonin - Full Spectrum Gummy - PharmaCBD

Are you looking for delicious edibles that could help you to sleep better at night? If so, we have the CBD gummy you need. PharmaCBD’s Triple Layer PM Bears with Melatonin combine 20 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD with melatonin, the dietary supplement that helps to control sleep naturally. These gummies are tasty and perfect for after-dinner consumption. Shop with us today or reach out with your questions. We’re happy to help!


Love watermelon? Our Delta-8 THC wedges are perfect for you! Not only do they have the flavor of watermelon, but they are shaped and colored just like a slice of this refreshing fruit with an extra sweet coating of sugar. Of course, these edibles aren’t just delicious and pretty to look at. Each wedge is packed with 20 milligrams of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC for maximum effectiveness. Purchase in packs of 2, 6, 15, or 30 today!

Hemp Derived Delta 8 PharmaRocks

Do you want to experience best triple threat on the Delta 8 market? Then try our PharmaRocks. We trim the best hemp flowers manually, let them soak in Delta 8 THC distillate, and then roll them in CBG-kief. And we make sure that we cater to all tastes, so we offer the PharmaRocks in four strains: classic Bubba Kush, sativa-flavored Sour Space Candy, sweet Cookie Dough, and pungent Sweet Diesel. Get your kicks with PharmaRocks from PharmaCBD -your one-stop-shop for all hemp products you want!

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Mix and match your tastes with the PharmaCBD 5 hemp flower prerolls! Perfectly dosed for your enjoyment, these 1g pre-rolls are the best choice if you want to relax and experience all the benefits of premium hemp flower. We’ve hand selected some truly winning strains that offer a great blend of sativa, indica, and hybrid, for whenever the right mood strikes. Find your favorite from 5 strains: Hawaiian Haze, Blackberry Haze, Sweet Diesel, Sour Space Candy, and Cookie Dough!

1.2G Pre-Rolled CBD Cones

Lie back, light up one of our pre-rolled CBD cones, and unwind! Taste the fruity flavor while you experience the full benefits of premium hemp flower – smooth and fast acting to put you in just the right headspace. Any of our CBD cone varieties contain only premium hemp flower, carefully selected, trimmed, and rolled by PharmaCBD – your trusted supplier of high-quality hemp-derived products.

THC-Free Tincture Oil

Enjoy the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD experience, completely THC-free. We use advanced chromatography techniques to lift the THC without disrupting the delicate balance of the other present cannabinoids, so you can still enjoy the entourage effect. The THC-free tincture oil acts quickly and even tastes great! You can choose between fresh Pineberry and delicately fruity Sweet Melon. Every bottle of tincture oil is rich in cannabinoids extracted from high-quality hemp.

Flagship Full-Spectrum Tincture Oil

When nothing but the best suits your tastes, we offer the Flagship Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil. Featuring a rich blend of CBD, CBN, Delta 8 THC, CBDa and CBC, this premium product is obtained with our proprietary distillation process. This ensures that you enjoy the full benefits of the tincture oil, made only from US-grown hemp. Choose from three popular terpenes – Crisp Citrus, Birthday Cake, and Bubble Gum – and experience the benefits you are looking for in premium full spectrum tincture oil.

Triple THC-Blended Tincture

Try PharmaCBD Triple THC Full-Spectrum Oil – a blend of Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10. Also, tincture contains all the cannabinoids you expect to find in a premium blend – offering you an unparalleled sensation of exhilaration and relaxation. We selected the most popular terpenes – Crisp Citrus and Zkittlez – for the Triple THC Full-Spectrum Oil, so prepare for an exciting taste experience, as well. Don’t settle for less than the best – choose US-grown hemp products from PharmaCBD!


Perfect for when you are at home or out and about town, these convenient capsules deliver 30 milligrams of Delta-8 THC for long-lasting support. These capsules are a preferred option over tinctures for those who may have sensitive pallets or who want a consistent dosage every time. The water-soluble, phytocannabinoid-rich formula absorbs quickly into your bloodstream so that more of the Delta-8 THC is utilized throughout your body.


Are you craving something a little less sour and a little more sweet? Our chocolate morsels are here to save the day! Each delectable piece contains 15mg of CBD and 15mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. The combination is truly a beautiful balance, with the CBD softening out the subtle yet potent psychoactive edge of the Delta 9 for an uplifting experience that goes down as smooth as the chocolate does.