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20 things to know before going to the Maldives

A quintessential scattering of islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives boasts of a fascinating abundance of nature's treasures within those clusters. To those discerning travellers who seek variety and want to feel the pulse of the people, be armed with a few tips to explore, uncover and enjoy.


Arrive at ease

The Maldives grants a 30-day visa on arrival for all Nationalities except those from India and Brunei, this is a huge boon to visitors using Maldives 5 star hotels saving them time and money.


No vaccinations

Vaccinations against diseases are not required in the Maldives, they can be obtained before arrival at the discretion of the visitor.


An Islamic Nation

Hence visitors are expected to be modest in dress and demeanour. The shoulders and knees must be covered for females in the presence of locals. However, if you are heading directly to a resort such as Adaaran Prestige Vadoo this level of modesty is not required as the resort is on a private island not inhabited by locals. Similarly, public display of affection is taboo other than at resorts.


The Weekend in the Maldives

Friday and Saturday are the weekends in the Maldives. Most places are closed until prayers are over on Fridays. Public ferry services don't operate on Fridays except for those operating in and around the capital city of Male. Even those services have a two-hour break to observe prayers between 11.30 am to 1.30 pm. Resorts don't follow these restrictions therefore planned activities will happen even during the weekend.


The Archipelago

The cluster of islands making up the Archipelago of Malvies is nearly 1200, about 200 are inhabited by locals or used as resorts, whilst others remain uninhabited being used for industries or as picnic points or secluded rendezvous points for tourists. Some of the islands are so tiny that only a handful of locals live on them.


Do your resort research

As each resort is on its small private island you tend to see the same beach and the environs during your stay., despite them being spectacular and well worth spending a few days at them. However, if you want more variety check on the amusements provided by the resort and whether you are happy with them. It is also worth checking the speed boat and seaplane transfer costs to and from your resort. They are the most efficient form of transfer yet can be pretty expensive even though the ride is short.


Tropical Climate

Being blessed with a tropical climate is one huge attraction for visitors to the Maldives with warm weather during most parts of the year with the wet season from May to November. Just as much as the sun is welcome to acquire that lovely tan, be mindful of the harmful rays and be liberal with sun protection creams as well as after-sun gels.


Adjusting clock times

To make the most of the daylight for visitors to savour, some resorts may practice one hour ahead of the time than what is practised in the Capital City, Male. Be aware of such adjustments especially when you are preparing to take your flights back home.


Taxes and fees levied for services

All services provided in the Maldives have taxes and fees attached. These can be at restaurants, for water and sports facilities in most instances. Be informed of these so that you are not taken by surprise.


Learn about the locals

Whether you stay at a resort or an inhabited island, visit the capital city to explore the history and culture of this nation, or experience their local vibes, and their level of literacy, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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