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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 05, 2022
Headline for Coffee Trends Every Café Owner Must Know—The Star of the Café Culture
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Coffee Trends Every Café Owner Must Know—The Star of the Café Culture

Coffee is an international favourite that keeps on trending and innovating. Speciality coffees are taking the world by storm and encouraging a growing café culture in both the bustling megacities of the world and smaller towns. Want to know more? Here are coffee trends every café owner must know.


Offer Only the Best at Your Café

If you want your café to be the talk of the town concentrate on quality, that is not an exception for the type of coffee you offer. If you want to carve out a niche for yourself as the best café in Colombo for coffee, offer people only the best. Choose your roasts carefully because today's consumer is educated and know what they want, and that is quality and taste. But splurging on the best quality coffee beans is not enough, you need to pair it with the best coffee making machines. Doing so is not tough with places like Fits Retail offering variety, plus you have a choice and a competitive edge when considering the coffee machine price in Sri Lanka.


Know Your Brews

To be the best café in Colombo you must have the best coffee machines in Colombo, the best coffee and the best knowledge. It's as simple as getting your barista skills updated because speciality coffees are in demand no matter the size of your café. Therefore, you need to offer a range from cold brews to flat whites to cappuccinos. Learn about the latest processing trends and the most in-demand mixes, because when it comes to cold brews the selection is vast, with the drink trending in chic bars as favourite cocktail options too.


Offer a Quality Decaf

Decaf coffee is no longer the shunned option at trendy coffee shops, instead, the variant is being given a new facelift and lots of publicity as baristas are working their magic over decaf coffee to charge up its flavour, which was the downer for the coffee not being a hot favourite. But, look around and do your research, some tasty options have been invented for the poor decaf variety to regain its lost dignity. Besides, you don't want to be caught out the next time one of your chic customers comes up and asks for a speciality decaf, now do you?


Have You Heard About Nitro Coffee?

Coffee with nitrogen added to it seems to be making a blast, the option allows for a smoother less bitter after-taste as well as a lower sugar percentage than the usually sweetened coffees you serve. Since the variant trended way back in 2016 nitro coffee has grown with baristas mastering its brewing techniques and giants such as Star Bucks adding it to their menu.


Coffee With a Touch of Alcohol

As mentioned before, cocktails and coffee have paired up for a pretty long-lasting relationship, and if your café has the option to double up as a bar, then go ahead and add those coffee-liquor options to your menu

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