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Funfair and Fairground FAQs

Some interesting FAQs about funfair and fairground rides

What are the different types of Roller Coaster? | Funfair ride FAQ

What are the different styles of roller coaster, and what differentiates them from each-other? We Are Tricycle examines this classic funfair and fairground ride.

What is the History of Ice Cream? | Funfair & Fairground FAQs

What is the history of ice cream? Discover brain-melting facts about the much-loved confectionary with We Are Tricycle, the funfair and fairground hire experts.

Fast Facts About Candyfloss | Funfair & Fairground Food | FAQs

Find out everything you've never realised you didn't know about Candy Floss! Read on for funfair and fairground fun food information with We Are Tricycle.

Fast Facts About Popcorn | Funfair Food & Event Catering FAQs

How does popcorn pop? Where and when was it invented? Is popcorn loved internationally? Find out with We Are Tricycle - the UK-wide event hire experts.

How does a German Bavarian Swing Grill work? | Catering FAQs

How does the Bavarian / German swing grill make such tasty food? We Are Tricycle examines the techniques behind this popular event catering solution.

How to Beat the Buzz Wire Game | Funfair Side Stall FAQs

The Buzz Wire game, also known as Beat the Buzzer, is a perennially-popular favourite at funfairs, fetes, stalls, trade shows and more. But how do you beat it?

How to Climb the Unclimbable Ladder | Fairground Game FAQs

How do you climb the unclimbable ladder? Follow the We Are Tricycle step-by-step guidelines to defeat this classic funfair and fairground attraction.

How to Win at Mini Golf | Entertainment FAQs | We Are Tricycle

How do you win at Mini Golf? The game is notoriously tricky and challenging, even for experienced players! We Are Tricycle's advice could get you under-par.

How To Win At Pac Man | Retro Arcade Game Machine FAQs

The game of Pac Man has been bewildering and thrilling gamers for generations! But how do you win at this retro classic? We Are Tricycle's advice should help!

How To Win Target Shooting Fairground Stalls | Funfair FAQs

How can you win at the target practice and cork shooting funfair stalls? Read our fairground game advice to see how to win a prize, every time. Practice!