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SharePoint Community Newsletter - September 2013

A list of really cool SharePoint Articles for SharePoint Community.

The SharePoint Community by Numbers

As we have been "on the air" since February 16th, I thought it'd be nice to share some stats about our membership. So here goes : Overview We have 3,691 members from all over the world. 540 discussions have been posted, with many answered.

Prediction : 70% of the sessions at the SharePoint Conference 2014 will be about the Cloud!

In the last 3 - 4 years, one of the most common buzz words in the IT industry is "CLOUD". Most of the IT Software / Hardware / Service / Application providers have been busy setting up their own cloud platforms ( Azure, Office 365, Amazon, Google cloud, Oracle Cloud , Apple, Samsung etc) in order to create their own eco-system to provide better, cheaper and faster services to their customers.

Why I think Microsoft Certifications are a Waste of Time

PREFACE: I am certified in both SharePoint 2007 and 2010. I am NOT a Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) or Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) and never planned to be. My opinions are my own and I am open to correction on anything in this post that is not accurate.

Boxes and positioning - Enhance rich text editor - Part 2

Part one was all about the basics of customizing the rich text editor. This part will show some advanced CSS styling definitions. For a nice looking text layout are boxes handy to position side notes, images, videos or any kind of elements beside the content.

Enhance rich text editor using CSS - Part 1

This is the first post in a series about enhancing the rich text editor. The rich text editor in SharePoint 2010 has changed a lot and with some creativity it can be changed and enhanced for a lot of use cases. This first article provides information of a simple addition of a link to the content.

How to create a SharePoint Audience - step by step

Microsoft has done a phenomenal job with this feature and with a little bit of understanding and patience, we can use this feature to good effect. Before I begin the discussion I would like to mention that Audience is a part of User Profile Service Application.

SharePoint Community first official meetup/party?

Hello Everyone, As you all know by now, The SharePoint Conference will be March 3-6 2014 in Las Vegas. What you might not know is that SharePoint Community tu...

Changes to the SharePoint Partner Competency by Vlad Catrinescu

In case you don't know, Microsoft releases the Microsoft Partner Roadmap (Now named the "Microsoft Partner Network Disclosure Guide") in which it talks about the requirements for a company to be a part of the Microsoft Partner Network. Let's check the July 2013 Guide and see what's interesting on the Collaboration and Content (aka SharePoint) side.

What Alternative Term Would You Replace 'Social' With ?

Many senior business stakeholders, Vice Presidents, Directors and Chief Executives I have met continue to have a major problem with the term 'social' in a busi...

Could the NSA data leak (from SharePoint) have been prevented ?

By now you will probably have heard of the infamous Edward Snowden, who stole data that was held by the NSA then decided to announce key parts of it publicly. Well last week we actually found out that our best mate SharePoint, may have been a guilty party to!

10 Keys to Being a Great SharePoint Business Analyst

This article assumes that SharePoint has already been established as the technology of choice . If your project includes evaluating whether or not SharePoint is the right technology for your solution, this article may only partially apply. There is a lot of room for interpretation on what a "SharePoint Business Analyst" actually is.

Microsoft Exam Second Shot is back Until May 31 2014!

Microsoft Exam Second Shot is back, and you can now have a backup plan when you take your exams! Click the link to learn more!

SharePoint Conference 2012 Sessions are now posted online on Channel9

The SharePoint Conference 2012 Videos are now posted on Channel 9 for free! Check the link out to learn more!

  • I have spent many many hours working as a SharePoint Developer Architect and Consultant for lots of organisations in the UK such as the NHS, Tarmac, O2, Lloyds of London, Lloyds TSB, BT etc.


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