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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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10 Essential travel tips to make the most out of your trip to Dubai – Getting your head around the basics

So, if you're anticipating travelling to Dubai anytime soon, then do have a read of these 10 essential tips that are bound to come in handy throughout the duration of your stay there.


Best time to go

Searing temperatures are ever-present throughout the summer period and thus, ought to be avoided at all costs as the risk of sunstrokes and dehydration are likely consequences if not careful. Ideally, look at the winter period which runs from November to March. Herein, the weather will be more to your liking which will cater to your every whim and fancy from a leisure point of view.


Visas and other related documentation

Apply for your Dubai visa at least a month before your intended date of travel. Further, obtaining a travel insurance is important and when out and about in the city, it is required that you possess the same along with your passport. Should you see the need to rent a vehicle, then it is mandatory to have an international driving license.


Packing list

Although casual clothing would be the way forward, it is expected that you do not appear wearing attire which is revealing given the modest and conservative nature of the local culture. Loose, cotton clothing can be considered but always check on the prevailing weather in Dubai and adjust accordingly. Overall, essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen and your trusty shades or hat cannot be overlooked. The local beach is where you can sport fancy swimwear and thus, do factor this into your thoughts.


Social etiquette

In the event, you have to enter a mosque or call by the home of a local, then ensure that you leave your footwear at the entrance. When in public places, always ask for permission from the locals if you need to capture them on your camera as a mark of respect. Also, using your right hand to give out or accept money or food is frowned upon.


Learn some Arabic

Commonly used phrases such as "Yes" which translates to "Na'am" or "Shukrun" which means "Thank You" can be learnt before you board. Knowing these words will not only help you along the way but will communicate to the locals that you indeed have made an effort to blend in, regardless of the odd mistake which can occur.


Arriving in Dubai

Your port of entry is the Dubai International Airport and since it is one of the busiest that you will find, it is best that you have this in mind before arriving. Three main terminals facilitate international travellers and once you pass through baggage claim, immigration and inbound security screening, your next step will be to find proper transportation.


Getting about

For the sake of convenient commuting, invest in taxis that will have you dropped off at your selected locations with no fuss whatsoever. Renting a car is a possibility but be sure to keep pace with the rules and regulations regarding driving within accepted speed limits.



Though hardly spoken of, Dubai's nightlife scene is one of the major draws with an array of bars, clubs and fancy restaurants readily available. Moreover, party animals must be mindful of the fact that nightclubs shut up shop once the clock strikes 3 am and worthy of mention is that one must be at least 21 years of age to purchase alcohol from a bar or club.


Public displays of affection

Holding hands and hugging each other are a huge "No" in Dubai as it is treated as acts that violate public decency and behaviour.


Reserve a place to stay

Dubai showcases a plethora of accommodation that would complement all budgets and tastes. From 4 star hotels in Dubai such as those belonging to popular chains like Avani Hotels & Resorts to acclaimed luxury hotels that continue to grace this section of the UAE, one will be spoilt for choice in terms of the facilities provided. To avoid disappointment, it is a must to reserve your stay at the very earliest.