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Updated by Wagh Bakri Tea Group on Dec 20, 2022
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Buy Tea Online in India

Wagh Bakri is the third largest and the best tea company in India. It offers leaves, dust and flavoured tea all across the world and since 1892, it has truly emerged as a global brand who has received a lot of love from people.


Why to Buy Premium Tea Bags Online

Tea bags are the most convenient and handy way of making tea wherever you go. So, buy premium tea bags online from Wagh Bakri, a brand that ensures that the taste is never compromised in any aspect. With its tea, the brand has been adding sweetness to the lives of people since 1892 and plans to do so for a long time.

A combo of tea for anytime of the day or season. Boost your metabolism and remove all the toxins from your body with Shudh Kawa and lemon green tea which are naturally rich in antioxidants. If one wishes to buy Green Tea Combo online in India, one must try Wagh Bakri green tea combos. We have exciting offers such as buying 2 shudh kawa combos that give one lemon green tea for free, and this tea does not contain any additives that can harm anybody.

Buy Organic Green Tea for Ultimate Wellness of Your Body

There is nothing better than to start a day with organic green tea. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and drinking it regularly helps one boost their immune system, prevent diseases and increase their metabolism. It also enhances the functioning of the brain by keeping it alert. The infusion is rich in compounds that are natural and give a refreshing taste with every sip.
Buy organic green tea online and start a healthy journey today.

Shop Best Tea Online In India

When we get up or go to bed, no matter what time it is, tea plays a very important role in our lives. A drink that not only refreshes one but also offers a lot of health benefits like lowering stress levels and boosting immunity. Shop the best tea online in India only at buytea from Wagh Bakri, the most trusted tea brand of India.

What Makes Spiced Tea Special

What makes chai more flavourful? The blend of malty flavours of tea and exotic flavours of Indian Spices like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, ginger, piper longum and nutmeg. Wagh Bakri offers this combination of tea and rich warming spices. Buy Spiced Tea in India from buytea today!

Why Buy Masala Tea Online In India

The love for the strong taste of the milky, sweet and spiced-filled concoction known as masala tea is universal. And it gets better with Wagh Bakri’s spiced tea made with a unique blend of premium fresh leaves and 7 authentic Indian spices. You can taste this blend from the comfort of your home. Buy masala tea online in India and get it delivered to your doorstep!

How to Buy the Best Green Tea Online

If you are looking forward to starting your healthy lifestyle with green tea, here’s a tip for you. Buy green tea online only from the most trusted tea brand in India, Wagh Bakri Tea Group! Our master blenders at Wagh Bakri have handpicked the finest green tea made from the leaves of camellia sinensis and created premium blends for you to get started. Shop today!

How to buy tea online in India

Wagh Bakri is a name synonymous with tea and chai in India. The orange and red coloured packets and boxes of tea attract your eye in almost every grocery store across India. But now you can order your favourite tea leaves and buy tea online in India through Wagh Bakri's official website. Check out today and shop away.

Right from strong CTC tea leaves, healthy green tea and delicious premixes by your favourite tea brand Wagh Bakri, find them all in one place, the best online tea store in India, Place your orders online, pay digitally and the tea pack of your choice will get delivered to your doorstep. It's convenient and as easy as it gets!

Now Buy Tea Bags Online From Wagh Bakri

Why wait for the canteen guy to come to deliver your piping hot cup of tea at his own pace when you can keep your favourite tea flavours handy? With Wagh Bakri, now buy tea bags online. Choose from variants like Premium Assam, Ginger, Masala Chai in black teas and many other flavours in Green Tea. Visit right away.

Now Buy Masala Chai Online From Wagh Bakri

It is believed that making masala chai takes a lot of effort and skill. But Wagh Bakri makes it as easy as learning the alphabets. You can now buy masala chai online from Wagh Bakri, which comes in easy to use and sustainable tea bags, packed with a refreshing blend of premium black tea leaves and seven spices. Order now.

Wagh Bakri offers Masala tea that pampers your taste buds like no other tea. The tea consists of Indian Spices like Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Clove, Ginger, Piper Longum and Nutmeg, that gives an exciting aroma along with a great taste. You can buy this masala tea online and get it delivered to your doorstep today.

India ki Chai, matlab Wagh Bakri Tea

Har ghar ki pasandida chai, Wagh Bakri… hamesha rishte banaye!

Aapke pyaar ne banaya Wagh Bakri ko India’s most trusted tea brand.
(As per TRA’s Brand Trust Report 2022)

Apni favourite chai order karne ke liye abhi par jayein!

What’s Special about Organic Green Tea Bags?

If you still haven’t tried organic green tea, you must be wondering what’s special about it. Organic tea like the one by Wagh Bakri, contains zero chemicals, has a grassy taste and can help you gain health benefits (Backed by independent studies). So if you wish to try it, you can easily buy organic green tea bags online.