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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 15, 2022
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5 tips for staying fit while on vacation – Realistic tips

Are you looking forward to the much-awaited vacation but are worried you'll lose the fitness momentum that you've got going? Here are some realistic tips to stay fit!


Watch what you eat

Although eating everything you wish for while on holiday is the biggest highlight, if you wish to remain fit, you might need to make a few small sacrifices. You can always have an enjoyable meal while being mindful of your calorie intake, straying away from overly oily food and too many carbs. A balanced diet can be eaten anywhere in the world, so make use of the unique ingredients found in the country you're visiting to consume a more balanced meal. While you can always eat a little extra once in a while, watching what you eat is the first step to remaining fit and healthy during your holidays. Don't deprive yourself of the local delicacies!


Scope out gyms and fitness centres

Once you know where you'll be staying, the next step to following through with your workout routine is to find the nearest gym! This won't be too difficult as google maps will come to the rescue! You can also opt to book a hotel/ rental which boasts an in the house fitness centre or gym, which are quite popular and common these days. There are plenty of gyms which offer short-term and temporary passes/ memberships which you can make use of. After a long workout, you can visit a wellness centre in Dubai, the likes of Extra Hour Spa, for absolute relaxation.


Opt to walk

While you may be unable to get about on foot to all your planned locales and attractions, if you're visiting somewhere close by, opt to walk instead of getting an uber! This is a great way to not only explore the city and witness the local culture but also to get a simple workout in. Make sure you pack your walking shoes with you and are familiar with the roads around the location so that you don't get lost along the way!


Plan the day ahead

By planning your day, you'll be able to fit in a quick workout session somewhere. Planning your day can also mean deciding where you can walk to and from so that you're managing your fitness routine well enough. By looking up parks, museums, shores and much more, you can fit in a nice and entertaining walk while also indulging in everything there is to offer and witness. If you're unfamiliar with any of the areas, ask your hotel front desk for any advice.


Play with the kids

For those travelling with family, the best and most fun way to remain fit is to play with your kids! Not only do you get to bond with them, but you also manage to burn some calories! Chances are, you and the kids will have equal amounts of fun.

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