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Updated by sanzhikobzhan on Dec 20, 2022
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Services for stock investors

I am launching a few excellent services for STOCK investors and traders! Important announcement! Equity valuation. Portfolio management. Asset allocation. Stock research. Stock analysis.


Excellent services for STOCK investors

Great news! I am launching a few excellent services for you!

  1. I can teach you fundamental analysis and equity valuation. You will be able to find great stocks.
  2. If you don’t want to learn, I can manually calculate your selected stock’s target price and growth potential, provide you with complete equity research, and construct an efficient portfolio.

Excellent services for STOCK investors (part 2)

  1. I can provide you with a great web-based app, Diversset, to help you find exciting stocks and ETFs and build a well-diversified investment portfolio.
  2. I also made an iOS app, “Stock Target Price,” to help you find undervalued stocks and great investment ideas and define the best time to buy or sell stocks.
Stock Market Space

Hi, I am Sanzhi. I am a former institutional trader and treasurer who worked on FX, MM, FI, and equity desks. I was responsible for trading, financial analysis, investment strategies, and treasury management. Welcome to my space, devoted to equity valuation, portfolio management, and investments.

Stock screener. ETF screener. Portfolio builder. Diversset. Updated version.

Diversset helps investors find great stocks and ETFs and constructs an efficient portfolio. This app consists of two parts. The first part is a stock and ETF...

This is my Linkedin profile. Learn more about my work experience.

Diversset is a stock and ETF screener and portfolio builder that allows users with no financial knowledge to find great stocks and ETFs and construct an efficient portfolio.

‎How to find undervalued stocks. Stock Target Price on the App Store

Stock target price calculator. Investment ideas generator. Define the right time to buy or sell stocks with this iOS app.

All you need to start investing in stocks and undertaking fundamental analysis.

Follow me on Twitter. I post stock market-related educational articles and links.

The best way to find great undervalued stocks! iOS app for equity investors! Stock Market App.

Download the best iOS app to find interesting investment ideas and undervalued stocks. No need for manual, time-consuming calculations. Perform target price calculation and define the great time to buy or sell stocks in one click. Stock market. Stock investments. Investment ideas. Equity valuation. Undervalued stocks. VWAP. Stock target price.


monthly investment ideas

monthly investment ideas

Dear stock investors. You can now see your possible monthly investment strategy based on market volatility, investor confidence, and money market activity. I will be posting a new investing strategy every month. Please follow the link if you are interested in exploring monthly investment strategies. You can also go to the main page to use the Diversset, a stock and ETF screener and efficient investment portfolio builder.


Applications for equity investors. Stock market-related apps.

Applications for equity investors. Stock market-related apps.

iOS applications for stock investors. Define good stock entry and exit points, calculate stock target prices, extract investment ideas, and get stock ratings.

iOS application for stock investors!

Dear equity investors. I made a very simple stock market iOS application that assigns a stock rating based on social sentiment, analyst rating, and EPS surprise. Exclusively on AppStore


Action game for iOS.

Action game for iOS.

I made my first iOS game called "Bally catcher." Catch the ball and relieve the stress! Earn 250 points in the game and win a special present from me! Exclusively on AppStore!!! 😎