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Updated by Sugmy Fragrances on Jun 13, 2022
Headline for Our Best Indian Attars You MUST Try!
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Our Best Indian Attars You MUST Try!

Here is a list of some of the best attars we offer, made in Kannauj town of India. Attars are becoming popular again in the world. Each attar has its distinct aroma. Some are floral while some are spicy. Some are strong while some are mild. Our advice is Mitti Attar is best for daily use, while rose attar is great for festive and family occasions. Ruh Khus works amazingly in summers but shamama shows its wonder during the winters.


Buy Mitti Attar Online from Kannauj

Love the scent of first rain on earth? Buy original petrichor fragrance oil or kannauj mitti attar online. Also learn what is mitti attar and how it is made.

Original Shamama Attar

Looking for an exotic fragrance? Buy original Shamama Attar online with no alcohol. Also, learn what is shamama attar and its ingredients.

Rose Attar made from Rosa Damascena

Love the scent of roses? Buy rose attar online made from rose damascena extract. Also,find out how rose attar is made in Kannauj.

Original Ruh Khus Attar Online

Looking for a vetiver based natural perfume oil? Buy the original ruh khus attar online made in Kannauj.

Buy Pure Saffron Attar Online

Like the luxurious aroma of Zafran? Buy Pure Saffron Attar online made from Kashmir Kesar at the best price.