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Montessori Eagle Rock, Altadena, Pasadena, South Pasadena CA

We welcome you to one of the area's premier private schools. Our school offers Montessori Education as the foundation, along with the Common Core State Standard and the STEAM program.

Demystifying literacy games with suggested games to play with kids

Children's reading games can be obtained online or at a children's store. These educational games for kids may let them utilize their imaginations while also helping them comprehend letter sounds and word patterns.

Kids Guide - How to make our environment clean?

Kids are the future and the environment shows the way of life. So it's very crucial to tell the kids how to prevent or clean our environment. Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA experts have mentioned some easy tips to indulge the kids in environmental cleaning activities.

Hydration is important for the whole body, especially during summer days. You must know that all drinks do not contain the same vitamins and minerals. If you have kids, it becomes your responsibility to take care of the nutritional intake of your child.

Schooling is a critical factor in the early years, and every parent is concerned about how their child's children will transition from Montessori to traditional school. Mostly, the parents are focused on the main 2 points: one is academics and another is socialization.

How to Improve your Child's Academic Performance?

If you have a baby around 2 to 3 years old, you can send them to our Montessori school for better care and start learning. We help you prepare your child for better academics.

Princeton Montessori Welcome the families for this New Year 2023

Let’s start this year by continuing to thrive in a well-rounded program of Montessori academics and enrichment programs. Our team at Montessori in Pasadena, CA, is eager to connect with the kids and enjoy their moments with them.

Parenting tips in this digital age

Parenting is a difficult task, especially in this digital age, where it is difficult to keep track of everything because children are distracted by their gadgets and spend an increasing amount of time staring at screens.

Princeton Montessori offers lab activities to kids

Kids always love to explore new things in their lives, which is why they always try to get involved in new things to learn about them. So when it comes to daycare or preschool, we need to focus on their holistic growth.

Best Balancing Activities for Kids

Balancing is an important physical skill for kids, and every child should develop it to improve their coordination, stability, and overall physical health for better growth. As parents or teachers, it is your responsibility to ask them to do activities that encourage their balancing.

Montessori ideas for summer vacation

Kids always love vacations because of their hectic schedules at school. Whether it is about waking up early in the morning and getting ready for school. A vacation can be a great way to take a break from the daily routine.

How Montessori Method can change the kids’ life?

Education is very crucial for kids, but we need to take care of what kind of education and schooling help the kids improve their lives. At an early age, children grab things easily, which is why we need to give proper education and space to every child.

Some interesting facts about kid’s

Kids are a very important part of any family, and if you are the parents, you can understand it well. We are always curious to know about the kids and their growth. That is why in this post, Preschool South Pasadena CA has mentioned some interesting facts about the kid’s life.

Importance of giving responsibilities to your kids

Responsibility is one of the best characteristics of every child. As parents, it is our responsibility to offer these responsibilities and let them know their importance. By teaching them the essence of responsibility, you can allow them to grow well.

The Role of Peace Education in Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori Pasadena CA team has discussed the importance of peace education in the Montessori philosophy in this blog article, as well as how it influences the learning environment, creates empathy, and unifies students.

How to Create a Safe and Stimulating Environment for Child Growth?

A comprehensive strategy that takes into account social connections, emotional well-being, cognitive development, and physical safety is needed to create a stimulating environment for child growth.

Fun activities for kids to learn clock

If you are a working parent and don’t have enough time to invest in your child and are looking for a space for your child, our school of Montessori in South Pasadena, CA, is here to help you out. Here, we have an experienced team to assist you.

How to break your child finger sucking habit?

These are some tips for you that will help you break your child's finger-sucking habit. For working parents, focusing on these kinds of things becomes very hard, which is why they choose some caretaking spaces for their children.

Princeton Montessori Eagle Rock, CA, team is established to offer a safe environment to working parents' kids. Our team encourages preschool students to participate in science fairs.

How Montessori education can be adapted to meet the needs of children?

In this blog post, the Montessori Pasadena CA team has mentioned some tips for Montessori schools to meet the diverse needs of children effectively.

Revolutionizes Early Learning with Cutting-Edge Advanced Primary Curriculum

The Montessori Eagle Rock CA team is trying to expand horizons beyond the classroom. We cultivate empathy, respect, and a global perspective through diverse learning experiences. If you are looking for this kind of space for your child, you can connect with us.

The Power of Parent-Teacher Collaboration at Montessori Princeton Academy, CA

In the center of California, Montessori Pasadena CA is a symbol of teamwork in learning. When parents and teachers work together, they make a place for Montessori kids to grow, learn, and become self-assured people.

How to teach your kids about emotions?

As per the Montessori Eagle Rock CA team, Promote candid and frank discussions regarding emotions. Establish a secure environment where kids can express their feelings without worrying about being judged.

Teach Your Child That Handwashing is a Positive Thing

Teaching your child the importance of handwashing is like equipping them with the power to fight germs! We at Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA, mission to plant healthy habits in our toddler learners. Handwashing is like a joyful game in this resource!