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What defines a modern kitchen? Is it the new-age and sleek kitchen appliances? Or is it the layout of the kitchen? Perhaps the key lies in stunning cabinetry and countertops?

The answer is quite obvious. As with most things, the secret to style lies in the details. In other words, all of the above.

Singapore's Best Countertop Supplier

Having the requisite elements can transform your kitchen from old to a stunning, multi-functional and ultra-modern space. With that said, here are some of the must-have elements that will elevate the look of your modern kitchen.

Deep Clean Techniques For Your Kitchen Before Your CNY Open House

The kitchen is the hardest-working room in your house. So it’s essential to have it spick and span to ensure food cleanliness and safety. Therefore, your kitchen needs a regular deep clean for pristine conditions.

A deep clean is due monthly for best conditions. They’re also due before any special occasion to have your kitchen apt and prepared to serve guests.

Everything About Kitchen Feng Shui This CNY | House Of Countertops

This time, we’re talking about the principle of Feng Shui. Stereotypical, we know, but Feng Shui does have its fair share of believers and practitioners even in the West. That being said, you won’t be losing out on a lot by adopting some Feng Shui principles in your kitchen.

Who knows? You might even get more Ong (Or perhaps we should say Oink?) this year with our kitchen design tips focusing on Feng Shui.

#1 Obro: Kitchen Appliances You Need

Obro. A kitchen appliance range you can look to for durability and affordability without compromising on quality.

Obro is a modernized kitchen appliances manufacturer which offers buyers new cooking style with the latest technology and design. It offers a great flexibility, convenience, and ease for buyers’ kitchens.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets - Why You Need Them

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen? Maybe you aren’t satisfied with your existing kitchen cabinets? Or perhaps signs of wear and tear on your cabinets are beginning to show?

7 Telltale Signs You Need A Kitchen Makeover

Homeowners tend not to be very inviting to the idea of getting a kitchen makeover. This is because it can run a hefty expense. However, homeowners should realize a kitchen makeover is well worth the investment. You’ll get a fresh new look and automatically boosts the value of your home.

Kitchen Design Predictions For 2019

Concrete countertops have been a popular choice in 2018 or so. A countertop that’s solid, has the look of concrete, but does not have that sort of coarseness; people have fallen in love with this choice. Concrete countertop – a choice where it is softer, more tactile from hard-wearing and scratch-resistant quartz, which emulates the textured tones of the real thing.

7 Telltale Signs You're In Need Of A Kitchen Replacement | Stone Amperor

A kitchen replacement should be common practice for any homeowner to stay updated. Most homeowners have the misconception that a kitchen replacement is synonymous with remodels. But, that’s not the case.

5 Signs You're In Need Of A Countertop Replacement

Have you noticed that your kitchen countertop is a little worse for wear? Or do you think that the mysterious unremovable stain on your countertop is an eyesore? Perhaps it’s finally time for you to give your kitchen an upgrade in the aesthetics department?

Bathroom Wall Blues: Choosing Between Marble And Ceramic Tiles

Most people won’t think much of their bathroom when it comes to renovation. To some, it’s a place where they take a bath and go. But no, your bathroom is more than that. The bathroom is one of the places you spend the most time in your home.

Marble Flooring: Made For Purity And Immortality

Marble floorings have earned itself a place among royalties in the past. It has graced the palaces of kings and queens for centuries, making it a lavish choice for interiors. Praised for its beauty, elegance, and style, marble floors have been used in grandeurs such as the Taj Mahal and the Palace of Versailles.

Aura Sink: Everything You Need To Know | House Of Countertops

Have you or your loved ones ever encountered water leakage in your home? Or are you still oblivious to how that mysterious puddle of water got there?

5 Key Elements Of Industrial Design For Your Kitchen

Anything industrial is usually a big hit in the renovation world. It celebrates humility, practicality and affordability. Best of all, it’s easy to achieve and really functional! This concept started out as an efficient work environment several decades ago.