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Updated by csisolution01 on Jul 19, 2022
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3 Reasons Why You Need Central Monitoring System

What exactly is the central monitoring system? In fact, the previous article mentioned that it is not only the best security system in 2022 but also an artificial intelligence security system. I hope you deserve to have such a security system, so here are 3 reasons why you need this central monitoring system.

-Secure Assets

-Keep Family or Employee Safe

-The most advanced security system

How Far Can A CCTV See: 6 Important Factors - CSI Solution

Since CCTV is to secure your place, you may wonder how far your CCTV can see. This is an important spec as you want to know if the CCTV is recording the required distance. It is important to know a CCTV camera’s line of sight. Knowing how far your CCTV can see helps you avoid the blind spot.

The Greatest House Security-Guard In Johor Bahru - CSI Solution

This “Security Guard” can ensure the safety of my beloved family, ensure that the criminal can be arrested, and ensure that my choice is correct.

5 Exclusive Tips on How Long Could a CCTV Footage Be Kept

After installing your CCTV, you may be wondering how long your CCTV footage could be kept. It depends on what you want to record, where you want to record, and the most important is what you want to do with the CCTV footage. Different businesses keep it on a different period of time. Normal business will keep it within 30-90 days. Banks will keep it longer. At the same time, other may be required to keep it up to 1 year due to some regulations.

Improve Warehouse Security: 5 Unspoken Reason To Install CCTV In Warehouse

It is never an easy task to manage a warehouse. You will need to organize your goods and constantly watch for things happening in your warehouse. With so many goods in your warehouse, you must ensure that your warehouse security is secured.

Troubleshoot Your CCTV Cabling Failure With 5 Shocking Tips

It is exciting to install a brand-new CCTV system in your house. But when it comes to electronic products, there will be some technical issues that you will need to face. When installing or adding CCTV at your premise, one of the common issues that you will face is your CCTV cabling for your security system.