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5 Delicious Desserts in Melbourne – Treat your sweet tooth

If you live in a city where coffee shops, fine dining establishments, pizzerias, and burger joints are all well-known, desserts may seem like an afterthought. When it comes to dessert, the best restaurants in Melbourne are continuously demonstrating why we're often enslaved to our sweet cravings.


Vue de monde Soufflés

Soufflé, which dates back to the early 18th century, originated in France, a country renowned for its desserts. Although chocolate is often the primary component in current soufflés, that wasn't always the case. In the 1700s, Vincent de la Chapelle created the original omelette soufflé, which had both sweet and savoury elements.
When a soufflé is properly prepared, the first mouthful is heaven on a plate; a light, sweet, and hot mixture that lingers on the mouth. This accurately depicts the pleasure of eating one of Melbourne's finest chocolate desserts, the chocolate soufflé with espresso ice cream at Vue de monde. Since it has been a Vue de monde mainstay for over 19 years, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.
If you are staying at any of the hotels in Gold Coast Australia such as the Avani Broadbeach Residences you must make it a point to try these soufflés.


Best parfait in Melbourne

People will advise you that parfait is a decadent dessert created by cooking milk, egg, sugar, and syrup into a custard-like puree, whereas Americans prefer to stack their parfaits with other components such as yoghurt, almonds, and liqueurs. In France, parfait can be eaten with or without a glass, although in the United States, tall glasses are nearly commonly used.
Supernormal's culinary superstars in Melbourne's central business district have opted for a more classic French-style parfait while adding their own creative spin to this famous delicacy. Their peanut butter parfait is sweet tooth heaven, topped with salted caramel syrup, salty peanuts, and chocolate ice cream that melts on your tongue.


Best dessert cocktail in Melbourne

The extremely popular Fairy Floss Martini is the highlight of one of the most Instagram - worthy meals at Rock Sugar Melbourne. This sugary and alcoholic mixture has made Rock Sugar one of Melbourne's top dessert spots, period.
It begins with a martini glass loaded with pink cotton candy. Guests then pour peach or citrus liquor over cotton candy, which dissolves creating a vibrant pink cocktail.


Best ice cream in Melbourne

It is time to create a new memorable ice cream experience at Mamasita. This famous Mexican restaurant in Melbourne delivers a delectable sweetcorn ice cream cone with caramel popcorn on top. Those who enjoy sweet flavours and the pleasant blend of soft and crunchy textures will be in dessert heaven.


Best ice cream sandwich in Melbourne

Ice cream sandwiches have grown from packaged snacks sold in corner shops to gourmet desserts beautifully presented in upscale restaurants. This is a major reason why Eazy Peazy is regarded as one of the top dessert restaurants in Melbourne.
Their Matcha Pafu Ice-Cream Sandwich is among Melbourne's finest Asian delicacies. It is a light and sweet treat consisting of matcha ice cream sandwiched between two puff pastry puffs.