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Jeff Waldman Blog Posts

I have been blogging since early 2009 and I have realized that not only do I blog on my own site ( I have contributed numerous posts to other sites. So I figured what better way than to use to keep track of all of my posts relating to the fantastic world of social media, HR, marketing and technology.

It is NOT Mandatory to Use Twitter

The #TChat that took place Wednesday was titled, "#TChat Communication Tools: You Can't Use Them All". Specifically, take a look at the questions that were posed and discussed. The focus of this blog post is on question #2, "how do you as a marketer, recruiter, leader or HR pro, pick and choose how to collaborate with your colleagues?"

The HR Technology Disconnect...Not What You Think

Last week on May 25 th and 26 th, Las Vegas hosted the 2011 HR Demo Show in conjunction with the HRO Today Forum, including the RPO Summit. The point of the demo show was to showcase the best and latest HR and talent management technologies.

4 Employee Engagement Drivers: Workplace Social Technology

We've heard the term "employee engagement" a gazillion times, and one could even say it's now just a buzzword. If you ask me, it is the most critical aspect of any successful organization....without a doubt! A positive correlation exists between employee engagement scores and business results (via Right Management - "Employee Engagement, Maximizing Organizational Performance").

Workplace Presenteeism Redefined

The majority of organizations today have employee support programs to help with workplace absenteeism. Examples include sick days, short term disability, long term disability, return-to-work, workplace accommodation, vacation, emergency family care, and the list goes on. The goals of these programs are to reduce costs to employers, improve employee productivity and ultimately top and bottom line financial results.

What Social Recruiting IS and IS NOT: Welcome to TC, Jeff!

Hello all, Jeff Waldman here. As my first post, I am sharing the latest article from my Hmmm... "the Jeff Waldman brainstorm session"... . I look forward to becoming the newest contributer to Talent Culture and hope you all enjoy my writing! I've been itching to write something about social recruiting ...

You are NOT Google; Thoughts on Workplace Culture

Ahhhh yeeees... culture fit in the workplace! Go to and type in the words, "workplace culture" and you will see pages upon pages upon pages of content relating to workplace culture-blog posts, companies, articles, white papers, videos, etc...

The Zero Credibility Zone. HR is Slow to Adopt Workplace Social Media

This blog post is a "he said she said series" written by Jeff Waldman & Salima Nathoo - SocialHRCamp Organizers. Register for their San Francisco Social HR Camp on 11/19. Register here & use discount code, JessicaSF to save $50 off registration.

Opening Doors: How I Overcame My Disability in Work & Life

It's a personal struggle every single day. I was born with a sloping moderate to severe sensory neural bilateral hearing loss, large vestibular aqueduct syndrome (LVAS) and a sometimes energy-sapping speech impediment. Growing up I was teased, harassed and misunderstood.

HOW Do You Build Your Personal Brand Online?

A couple of days ago I had the fortunate opportunity to volunteer as a "mentor" at an evening seminar about "Discovering Your Personal Brand" with Bobby Umar of Raeallan. I really enjoyed the experience and engaging with the panel, which consisted of Cher Jones, Katia Millar, Ron Tite, Andy Strote, Mira Sirotic and of course Bobby Umar.

What Does Online Behavior Have to Do With Perception of Personal Brand?

I have written, commented, debated and argued numerous times on the idea that perception is reality, and vice versa, in reference to brand. Perception is closely tied to experience, and perception typically develops and changes over time based on the collective experiences (a.k.a. touch points) with a respective brand.

Leveraging Video in Your Employer Brand Strategy

As smartphone image quality continues rising with each new release of the latest smartphone so does the impact and effects of video. I am not talking about large-scale productions that require film crews and extremely expensive equipment I am talking about snapping footage with your smartphones and then using simple video editing software-see free examples suggested by Techradar.

Reinforcing a Culture of Employee Engagement through Dynamic Office Space Design

"The workplace" as we know it is changing rapidly, and is constantly changing-this is nothing new. Gone are the days where all employees commute to a common workplace and work under one roof. Employees are now situated in all four corners of the globe working in different time zones.

What's the Point of Blogging?

It was January 8, 2009, just one day after I got laid off that I went to and created my first-ever I picked a really simple template, made a few modifications and off I went. Why?

Klout Does Matter... Not For the Reasons You Might Think!

Numbers impact every single aspect of our lives, and it started the moment we were born. Our weight, height and percentile on the growth chart were numbers that we all were assigned just seconds after we took our first breath.

WHY HR Does Not Think & Act Like Marketing

I recently published a blog post titled, " Inbound Marketing and HR/Recruiting... Huh? " where I argued that HR can learn so much from Marketing. Marketer's market company products and services, and HR supposedly market the organization (a.k.a. "the product") as a great place to work.

The @JeffWaldmanHR #SHRM13 Recap

And with a blink of an eye #SHRM13 is a wrap! Get in and get out-that's what it felt like, the exact same as my first SHRM National in Atlanta last year. #SHRM13 in the great city of Chicago (FYI, not talking about the Blackhawks even though they won the Stanley Cup...

The #SHRM13 Best Tech Demo Award Goes To...

During my first SHRM last year in Atlanta I noticed how many fantastic new technologies were available to the HR community. They all claimed to be different and better able to solve HR challenges than their competitors.

Reallocating Your Investment in HR Technology

We constantly talk about innovation like there is no tomorrow. Speaking specifically about HR and Recruitment just go to Google and type in "Innovation in HR" and a gazillion and one results pop up. Yes we need to be more innovative in HR. Yes we know what the barriers to successful workplace innovation are.

2013 HR Tech Vendor Round-Up |

The 16th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition, or just "HR Tech" is just around the corner, taking place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This will be my first HR Tech conference, and will be participating a member of the conference social media and blog team.

The Biggest Reason Why Attending HR Tech Conference is So Important

Within the HR and Recruiting space we are absolutely inundated with events - conferences, unconferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, virtual events and so on. Each event offers some kind of value that we in the community can realize by attending, some more so than others.

HR Tech... Simplified

HR and Recruiting technology is getting better and better by the day. Or Is it really? Perhaps it's really getting more and more complex, or more functionally diverse by the day?

How to Improve Your Candidate Experience with Social Media

This post is by Jeff Waldman, founder of Stratify, a social HR solutions company, and SocialHRCamp, an experiential learning HR unconference that has run events in Canada, the United States, Singapore and Philippines. We live in a brand-focused world driven by experiences.

Cream.HR Goes to Vegas! (In the Name of HR, We Promise)

The 16th Annual HR Technology Conference that took place in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, came and went at the speed of light. Actually, it was more like thunder and lightning rolling through because it seemed like every single second of each 24 hour day of the conference was accounted for with something big going on.

It's Demo Time at #HRTechConf

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending my first HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. As I said on several occasions I felt like a little kid in a candy store being there among all of the uber-awesome technology.

Jostle - Turnkey, Cloud-Based Intranet Platform

Since 2009 Vancouver-based Jostle, the creator of the People Engagement platform (essentially a cloud-based intranet) have been leading the way in helping organizations around the world transform and build awesome corporate cultures. I am sure everyone reading this post has worked for an organization that had a rarely-used intranet, and was only used to access forms and policies.