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Updated by Hans A van Putten on Jun 09, 2023
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6 Pointers To Avoid Misplaced UX "Simplification" like done by

According to Google, the great neighborhood website, a site I usually highly recommend for any neighborhood and community, wanted to "simplify" its UX, its menu system. According to the representative who responded to my complaint, they listened to the "neighbors" on the site, simplified the menu system by leaving only the links on each page that was used most by its research sample of neighbors. Other links they buried somewhere deep, 2-4 clicks down into the site. In my opinion in an illogical, not intuitive way, on a path that does not make sense to me. But who am I, check for yourself on
In my opinion, on a website about "Neighborhoods" and "Neighbors", links to those lists should be on each page, not buried deep into the site. Additionally, "Settings" especially the part where you can set Privacy Settings should be easily accessible, at most within 1 click. Not so after the update.
Here are a few steps I had to go through to get to the links/pages I mention above.


Home Page

I just signed into one of my favorite websites about my neighborhood, From the beginning I liked the website and promoted it vigorously because as opposed to “Google Groups” which in my opinion is a useless cluster f…k, NextDoor is organized, allows neighbors to communicate about how to find a baby-sitter or roofer. It also allows new residents to connect instantly with their new neighbors. My good mood was quickly darkened with the new layout!

Where is the "Neighborhood" link?

On a website about your “Neighborhood” and “Neighbors” where are the actual menu items, the buttons, on the Home Page, that takes you to your “Neighborhood” or “Neighbors” or "Other Neighborhoods? Nowhere to be seen. It turned out that they “simplified” the layout and design of the site. Indeed, they did…..they made it so simple you can’t find your neighbors anymore!?

No Neighborhood or Neighbor links in Footer Either

When you scroll to the bottom of the Home Page, you don’t find the links to your “Neighborhood” or “neighbors” either. I literally spent 10 minutes going through every link to find my settings (maybe it held my Neighbors and Neighborhood), and clicked on my Icon picture, but to no avail. I simply could not find the NextDoor settings or its “neighborhoods”....... nor my “neighbors”.

On profile Picture - No Sign of Neighbors' Link

When I click on my image in the top-right corner of the Home Page this shows up, see picture. Still no "Neighbors", nor "Neighborhoods". So, by now we’re one click down and still no "Neighbors" or "Neighborhoods"!?

Two Click Down, buried, I find the "Neighborhood" link

Eventually, after I Googled myself silly, I click on "Edit Profile", two clicks down and I finally find a button called “Neighborhood”. Phew, the treasure hunt continues though, for "Other Neighborhoods" and "Neighbors" links. By now I feel like I have entered my regular grocery store only to find out they have switched up all the aisles and sections, feeling totally lost!

"Settings" finally found in "View Profile"

I click on my profile pic’s drop-down menu and click on “Edit Profile”. Subsequently I have to guess where the "Other Neighborhoods" may be, and just for the fun of it I click on the “Settings” cog wheel. It opens up and shows more options, but still no Neighborhoods!? Let’s take a chance and click on “Account Settings and Preferences” and OMG, yippee, the long-lost city of “Neighborhoods", swallowed by the NextDoor “simplicity swamp” appears. The fact that "Neighborhoods", plural, means "Other Neighborhoods", as opposed to "Neighborhood", singular, i.e. "Your Neighborhood", makes it a riddle only English Major's would be able to decipher.

Over the 30+ years of my career, without trying to be cocky, I have encountered a lot of things and can separate the non sense from common sense. NextDoor, forgive me, although I love your general concept, with the update you have lost a lot if not all common sense in your UX Design. A website about "Neighbors" and "Neighborhoods" should have those links on every page in the main menu. Ditto with settings. I hope you fix this soon!!
UPDATE: As of June 8 2022 I did get a nice response from their representative. According to her, they made changes based on input from neighbors' use of the site. They wanted to "simplify".
I responded saying that simplifying and bringing links and menu items that are used a lot to the forefront, does not mean everything else should be buried 2-4 clicks deep, and without a logical path made virtually unfindable.
I'm awaiting further response to hopefully hear they will fix it.
We help people, companies, websites not just to build a website that on the face of it is simple. It must make sense. The UX, the structure, the menu system, the menu hierarchy must make sense and should logically lead from one discipline or area to another. Too often websites are create by programmers, who are very good at programming, but maybe not as good at "business" or "sales and marketing".
A good website has been tested by someone who knows business, who can safely anticipate what a potential customer/client will do on the site, what path that visitor will follow.
At WWLC we have been working with, managed and around businesses for over 30 years and know how to connect the dots. We know how consumers and businesses think, search and roam sites. We make sure the business plan, marketing plan, and website UX/UI all tie in and make sense.
You have a project you want to discuss? Touch base with us, our initial discussions are totally free! Let's see what your business or website is about and how we may be able to help. Contact us now! Let's grow your business!