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Custom software development

custom software development agency

The Importance of User Experience With Your IoT App Development Services

It's an ideal world ruled by apps, gadgets, facial recognition, and, above all, a fantastic user experience (UX). The design of a service or product that meets the needs of the user is referred to as user experience.

Everything You Should Know About Hiring Vue.Js Developers - Blog | ManekTech

Today, we'll go over the Top 5 Vue.js Benefits that every developer should be aware of, as well as why it's still considered one of the greatest frameworks for web-app developers, with the aid of this article.

What Services You Get With An Experienced Python Development Company - Blog | ManekTech

A programming language's clear grammar constraints make it even easier to keep your code base readable and your application manageable. There are a lot of other reasons to prefer Python to other programming languages.

How to Hire a Flutter App Developer? - ManekTech

So, how do you go about hiring Flutter developers for your app development project? To answer this question, you must first comprehend the procedure of locating a top flutter app development firm.

Your Ultimate Guide To Mobile App Design Costs 2022 - ManekTech

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the components that make up the mobile app Ui design cost. Also, look at some additional details regarding what goes into building an app's user experience

How do you Hire a full-stack developer to achieve new heights? - ManekTech

One such trend is to hire full-stack developers, which many organizations embrace. Moreover, with the passing of time, every company needs a software developer, as every organization needs its digital presence to compete with its industry peers.

When Do You Think You'll Need To Hire Ionic Developers? - ManekTech

You'll need to hire dedicated Ionic app developers who are skilled at accomplishing what they're intended to do as well as having the ability to comprehend new technology as soon as it becomes available.

13 Facts must know about Shopify development & statistics in 2022-23 - ManekTech

In this blog, let us check out the facts about Shopify in 2022-23 before hiring a Shopify developer. We all know that it is a popular platform for developing a scalable and feature-rich eCommerce store, but it also gives many more benefits to its users.

5 New Features & Changes of PHP 8.1 that PHP developer should know - ManekTech

PHP is a prevalent server scripting language that developers are using all across the globe to create dynamic and responsive web pages. Know 5 New Features & Changes of PHP 8.1 that PHP developer should know.

6 Must know updates of WordPress Gutenberg 13.7 - ManekTech

The WordPress Gutenberg 13.7 is mostly about improvements in the entire editing editor. Gutenberg 13.7 is expected to provide a better experience to the users. You will find several enhancements and improvements related to model design, block locking, and many other things.

Google's new release Android 13: New Features and Improvements - ManekTech

Android 13 is the latest android release focusing on smartphones and devices with larger screens, such as tablets. Google has introduced new features for developers, large screen devices, app performance, and security. Now it's time to develop these features in the upcoming Android app with the help of the Android app development company.

Things to Know Before Hiring a Python Developer in 2022-23 - ManekTech

big brands like Netflix, Uber, Spotify, and more make websites using Python as a testimony to this demanding language. With these facts, it is apparent why the demand for Python has been soaring. Python beat Java in 2021, becoming the most in-demand programming language for jobs in the US. Let us check out some of the significant reasons for Python's popularity:

Why Hiring A Java Development Company is relevant still in 2022? - ManekTech

Moreover, the Java community is also known for its modern approach. Due to these reasons, Java continues to be a favored choice for developing robust, scalable, and multi-tiered applications for any business requirements. Read more.

Why is it Crucial to Hire Front-End Developers for Your Digital Face?

Before hiring a front-end developer or discussing their roles and responsibilities, let us briefly understand the difference between front-end and back-end. Know more.

Ideal Tips/Ways For Android Game Development - ManekTech

If you are a gaming lover juggling with the idea of developing a gaming app, check out the Ideal Tips/Ways For Android Game Development. Also, You can hire android developers and follow the steps below to develop a robust gaming application.

Top 7 Reasons Why Every Startup Should Use Node.Js For Web Development

Let us understand the top 7 reasons for using Node.js for startups, From easy development, robust data handling, cost-efficiency.

How To Grow Your Business with A Shopify eCommerce Business Store? - ManekTech

Business and marketers are maximizing their profits and sales with Shopify. As a result, they are employing different strategies to grow their business with the Shopify store. Let us look at some of the ways to Grow Your Business with A Shopify eCommerce Business Store.

Why can using WordPress help small businesses to grow?

One of the most crucial elements to establishing a successful business is to have a solid online presence in WordPress. It is essential to have a properly designed and well-functioned website to grow your brand identity and get more out of social media marketing. If you also have a startup or small-scale company and are confused about why you should choose WordPress for your business, let’s check it out here.

Why Select Java For Application Development?

Java is a very versatile language for mobile application development In 2022, recruiters ranked Java as one of the most demanded languages The vast benefits offered by Java make it a popular language amongst developers and app owners. Let us look at some of the major benefits offered by Java.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers - Infographics - ManekTech

If you are looking for an infographics and step by step process of benefits hiring dedicated developers then you stopped at the right place enjoy the pictorial information and graph being depicted by ManekTech.

Why is RoR Framework a choice of many enterprises for Web App Development? - ManekTech

Ruby on Rails, quite a prevalent framework, is mainly known for its rapid development capability. Check out here why enterprises select RoR Web Application Development.

Why Choose MS Dynamics 365 for Mid to Large-Size Businesses? - ManekTech

Microsoft Dynamics is proving beneficial to every business, from medium to large size. It elevates teamwork and productivity. It impacts every aspect of the company, from sales to the supply chain. So let us take a detailed look into how MS Dynamics 365 benefits a business.

How is eCommerce Development Remodeling the Healthcare Sector Globally?

what are the factors growing acceptance of eCommerce in Healthcare sectors? Let us check out some of the reasons to understand it.

JDK 19: Check out what's new in JAVA 19 - ManekTech

Let us take a look at some of the highlights of additions in the features and enhancements in the JDK 19 release in Java.

Software Development Trends To Focus On In Coming Years - ManekTech

Software Development has played a pivotal role in the whole journey, helping the world to move forward unstoppably. These software and technological changes will directly or indirectly influence our future, pushing the boundaries. Here are the top 7 Software Development trends which will shape the coming years.