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Updated by infochameleon on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 5 Industrial Auger System Applications

Industrial auger systems play a huge role in all kinds of industries! Read on to find out about a few of their most common applications!


1. Agriculture

Industrial auger systems are extremely important in the agricultural industry. They are used for all kinds of agricultural applications. One such application is transporting certain products (most often grains) from place to place. An auger system will be used to move wheat, soybeans, etc into silos, bins, or in some cases, transport trucks. There’s a good chance you’ve eaten at least one thing that was at one point in contact with an industrial auger system today.


2. Mining

At a base level, the primary function of an auger is to bore into something. For this reason, industrial auger systems are frequently used for mining applications, which involve boring deep holes into the earth to extract whatever material is being mined.


3. Concrete

Industrial auger systems have a lot of applications in the concrete industry. Notably, they are used for mixing and pouring concrete. So, if you’ve walked on a sidewalk today, or been in a building with a concrete foundation, or taken a child to a playground where the equipment is held firmly in place with cement, you have augers to thank.


4. Construction

Industrial auger systems serve a variety of purposes in the construction industry. They can be used to bore through concrete when a project demands, which makes them excellent for completing deep foundation work. They can also be used for drilling holes when installing fixtures like telephone poles and solar posts.


5. Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is vast and varied. It is also full of applications that require drilling. As such, it is common to find industrial auger systems being used at manufacturing plants.