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Best Lawyers according to different categories in Delhi NCR

I have compiled the links to Best Lawyers according to different categories in Delhi NCR.

With the crime rate on the rise, you may be considering whether or not to hire a criminal defence attorney. These lawyers specialize in defending individuals who are facing criminal charges in a court of law. If you’re looking for such an advocate/lawyer, there are several factors you should consider when making your choice.

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The term Divorce as defined under The Hindu Marriage Act,1955, means dissolution of the marriage. Marriage according to Hindu Law is considered to be a sacrament and therefore divorce is granted only for a grave reason otherwise the married couple are given other alternatives to resolve disputes between them. Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 defines Divorce.

Bail or Jail: What does the law say? Complete Analysis

BAIL MEANING: The term bail is derived from a French word “bailer” which means to deliver or to give. Bail is nowhere defined in Code of Criminal Procedure,1973 but there are provisions of Bail mentioned under sections 436 – 450 of the Criminal Procedural Code,1973.

High Court Cases - 9310411779 - Century Law Firm Blog

Hon’ble High Courts have inherent power to decide one’s case, writ petition under the Articles 226 and 227 of Indian constitution and the provision of section 482 of Cr. PC. And besides these provisions and sections Hon’ble High Courts also have their own Original Pecuniary Jurisdiction or Appellate Jurisdiction.

Cheque Bounce Case - 9310411779 - Century Law Firm Blog

A cheque is an exchange bill drawn upon a delegated banker which is only payable on demand by the applicant. In a strict legal sense, the individual/ organisation issuing the cheque is named a ‘drawer’ and therefore the individual/ organisation in whose favour the cheque has been issued is named the ‘drawee’.

Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) - 9310411779 - Century Law Firm Blog

The banking institutions and organizations which are monetary have been dealing with problems in recovery of loans advanced by them to specific individuals or company entities. Due to this, the banks and monetary organizations are restraining on their own from advancing out loans. There was a requirement to obtain a system that is efficient recuperate the mortgage from borrowers.

Payment Recovery Cases - 9310411779 - Century Law Firm Blog

If your payment is due upon any person, firm, company, contractor or on your friend same is legally recoverable under the civil law.

Will - 9310411779 - Century Law Firm Blog

As per Section 2(h) of Indian Succession Act, 1925 provides that Will means the legal declaration of the intention of a person with respect to his property, which he desires to take effect after his death Will has been defined in Corpus Juris Secundum as a ‘Will’ is the legal declaration of a man’s intention, which he wills to be performed after his death, or an instrument by which a person makes a disposition of his property to take effect after his death.