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Ancient Egypt

“The Egypt to which we sail nowadays is… the gift of the river,” said Greek historian and traveler Herodotus. The Nile, one of the world’s longest rivers, flows more than 4,200 miles north from central Africa to the Mediterranean. The name “Nile” comes from the Greek word Neilos, but the Egyptians called it simply iteru, “the river.”

Ancient Egypt

The basic element in the lengthy history of Egyptian civilization is geography. The Nile River rises from the lakes of central Africa as the White Ni

Ancient Egyptian Crowns and Headdresses

Ancient Egyptian Crowns and Headdresses might be categorized as those belonging to kings, those belonging to royal women and those of the gods. Of cou

Tutankhamun Meaning

Tutankhamun Meaning is The living image of Amon “twt-ankh-imn”.Tutankhamun was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who rule during the end of the 18th Dynast

Ancient Egyptian Government

Ancient Egyptian government has not been characterized by a democratic system. Power was concentrated in one person Pharaoh. He controlled and dominat

What did Scribes do in Ancient Egypt

What did Scribes do in Ancient Egypt? Egyptian scribe, portrayed as a man sitting cross-legged, holding a roll of papyrus open on her lap was the poss

Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

pharaoh meaning is a title given to ancient Egyptian rulers. pharaoh was responsible for making laws and keeping order, ensuring that Egypt was not at

Egyptian symbols and meanings

Egyptian symbols and meanings of most famous ancient Symbols for Egypt are the sphinx, the scarab, the ankh, the 'all-seeing' Eye of Horus, and the

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry was used not only for beauty, but for the magical protection it provided.Immense treasures and jewellery were buried with the

Ancient Egypt Food

Ancient Egypt Food and diet consisted of bread and beer with vegetables such as onions, garlic, fruits such as date and fig.Egyptian food recipes wer