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Headline for Drabble Cascade #26 - word of the week is 'heat'
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Drabble Cascade #26 - word of the week is 'heat'

Welcome to FB3X Drabble Cascade #25 (opened 3rd September 2013). Be inspired by our word of the week, ‘heat’, and write us a 100 word piece, or a flash (500 words or less), fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fanfiction. Then add yourself to our list. You can also embed this list into your own post using the embed functionality (the chain graphic).


starr_falling - Cycle (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, PG)

Title: Cycle
Author: starr_falling
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Meep - #26 - Mating Heat

Title - Mating Heat
Words - 856
Prompt - Heat
Content - Fluffy, Shifters.

Tasha - Fic: Hot and Hotter, Teen Wolf, Sterek, NC1718

Title: Hot and Hotter Author: Beren Fandom: Teen Wolf Pairing : Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Sterek Rating: NC17/18 Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Jeff Davis et al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended....

charisstoma - As Hot as .... (G)

FB3X Drabble Cascade #26 - Heat Title: As Hot as .... (G) Author: charisstoma Word count: 100 Prompt: Heat Houston in the summer is both very hot and very humid. I don't know how they lived before air conditioning. "How may I help you?" the demon looked up from his pile of paperwork,...

charisstoma - The Bath (PG)

Title: The Bath
Author: charisstoma
Word count: 100
Prompt: Heat

FB3X, Tasha - Drabble Cascade #26 - Fire of Want (m/m, fantasy, NC17/18)

This is Fantasy Boys XXX flash fic entry for the 26th Drabble Cascade. ~ Author's Note Sweat trickled down Jake's back. He could feel a drop winding its way over his taught muscles and into the cleft of his arse. His whole body felt far too hot and he strained against his bonds.

FB3X - Exertions (R, M/M erotica)

Sweat, exertion and tentacles.

Drabble Cascade Intro Post #26 - words of the week is 'heat'

A fiction blog of stories where the unusual mixes with romance in myriad, erotic, all-male combinations.