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Advice on eCommerce and the Photography of Products

The web site of mixphoto

Access more than 335 million royalty-free images.a source of high quality free photos and inspiration for journalists and graphic designers.

What is Product Photography? Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Product photography is an image of a good for sale. Also known as commercial photography, these images are meant to entice shoppers to purchase the photographed products. They feature product details and features, supplemental to written copy and product descriptions. The idea is to give potential buyers a full impression of the product.

7 Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Images and Generate More Revenue

An image can be a make-or-break deal when you're selling online. Check out these tips to take your sales to the next level on Amazon.

How to Product Photography Setup on a Budget

Think twice You’re creating a modest, high-quality studio just for yourself. Just get the necessities immediately. Save pricey and high-tech equipment for when your company expands.

360-Degree Product Photography: Go Full Circle to Drive More Sales

"""Oooh, it has pockets!""
""Love the color ... and that fit!""
*Adds to cart. đź›’
That's what showcasing your product can do for your sales. It's like surround sound ... but for your eyes."

How to Get the Most from User-Generated Content (+ UGC Examples)

UGC is a powerful tool to promote your brand and products. Find out how to make the most of user-generated content.

How to Change the Direction of Someone's Gaze in Photoshop [2022 Tutorial]

Did you know? You can change the direction someone is looking in Photoshop. Find out how. đź‘€

PicMonkey Review - Image Editing Service

When selecting an image editing service, you should check the company's background and track record. The company's age should be evident from a quick WhoIs Lookup. If it was established in 2007, it might be called Clipapic. Currently, the company offers a variety of image editing services. To find out more, visit their website. They should have an online portfolio of work to review. If a company's website is lacking in quality content, look for testimonials on its website.

Get a Pixel Perfect Product Photography Frame: 12 Things to Avoid

It's easy to get tunnel vision on the product itself in your images—but don't forget to check the whole frame.

10 Photography Tips To Blow Your Mind | Photography

Get ideas and expand your knowledge with the help of these tips

15 Ways to Edit Product Photos to Boost Sales – Path

You have amazing product photos—now what’s the best way to edit them?
In this article we’re going to give you ideas on how to edit your product shots so they’re optimized to produce the most sales.

Are your product photos up to par?

Resizing product photos for omnichannel selling can be tedious. Use this as the ultimate guide for image specifications for each third-party platform.

How to Convince Your Team It’s Time to Invest in High-Quality Product Photography

You know the value of high-quality product photos, but your team at work doesn’t. We’ve put together a list of facts and arguments to help you state your case in the office.

Product Photography Hack: Capture the Perfect Shot with Minimal...

In today's fast-paced digital world, visuals are everything. Especially when selling a product, the right photograph can make or break a potential sale. However, capturing the perfect product shot can be a challenge, requiring a lot of time and effort in editing to get the desired result. This...

How to File Taxes: A Freelance Photographer’s Guide

Trying to figure out how to file taxes as a freelance photographer? Check this high-level guide to help you through.

Get Inspired: 50 Ecommerce Sites With Beautiful Product Photography

Product photography is absolutely crucial to ecommerce success. And we’re not just saying that because we edit so many product photos. Here are some stats from a Splashlight survey to prove it: Nearly half of online consumers consider high-quality product photos to be the most influential piece of research in their pur

Best Backgrounds for Jewelry Product Photography: 8 Creative Ideas

Sure, a white background is a safe bet when it comes to jewelry shots but jewelry is personal.

Try adding context or drama on your next shoot.