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Headline for 12 Tips for Creating the Trip of a Lifetime-Pull off the perfect romantic getaway that you’ll cherish for years to come
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12 Tips for Creating the Trip of a Lifetime-Pull off the perfect romantic getaway that you’ll cherish for years to come

Months of stressful wedding prep, putting in everything you've got to make your big day nothing short of spectacular—something idyllic lies at the end of the road, the heavenly destination on your wedding journey, the glorious honeymoon bliss. Delve in to pull off the romantic getaway of your life.


Get to the planning early

It's never too early to start discussing your dream honeymoon with your partner—unless, of course, you haven't reached that stage of the relationship and have no interest in scaring him/her away. Kidding aside, honeymoon travel pros advise that you plan yours six to eight months out.


It is a joint effort

Fans of dividing and conquering should probably go easy with their productivity hacks when it comes to honeymoon planning, as it is not the ideal way to go about this getaway. Communicate your interests and peeves with each other and craft the perfect holiday that you'll both relish.


Kill your copycat

Your honeymoon is yours and yours only, so why on earth would you try to copy another couple's honeymoon itinerary. No two couples are the same and so are you. Take inspiration from friends and family, but with a grain of salt, and tailor it to your interests.


A budget is key

It's common for couples to go for all levels of aspiration and just start throwing ideas around when it comes to honeymoon planning. There's nothing to be mortified about it, after all, it is your once-in-a-lifetime vacation. However, determining and setting a budget aside will help view your dream honeymoon more realistically.


Leave room for surprises

A honeymoon is best planned together but sneaking in a surprise or two can only add a dose of excitement to your romantic and memorable getaway. Be it a sunset cruise, candlelight dinner or a rejuvenating couple's spa, no one knows better than you what gingers up your partner.


Nail the perfect destination

It goes without saying that the destination of your choice can make or break your honeymoon. However, it's not only about picking the most romantic or luxurious destination, but a locale that both of you would love and offers an atmosphere that lets you create memories that you'll reminiscence about all your life.


Choose your sanctuary

Would you prefer one of the most elegant Maldives wedding resorts surrounded by alluring turquoise blue waters, such as Grand Park Kodhipparu, or a rustic vintage cabin secluded away on a mountain top? Pick the right accommodation that affords your desired ambience to wallow in your most passionate and intimate time together of your lives.


Topline interests, not destinations

Ditch the conventional honeymoon planning that revolves around "that perfect destination". Instead, list your interests, favourites and things that hit all the right buttons with you and your significant other. From there, drill down to find the perfect destination that can afford what your heart desires.


Don't think less of the shoulder season

Most couples just throw the off-season or shoulder season out the window and aim for the greatly sought-after peak vacation season right away. While the shoulder season can pose the risk of less than perfect weather, it is definitely something worth considering, given the unbelievably low prices and the chance to beat thronging crowds.


Strike the perfect balance between relaxing vs exploring

Honeymoon isn't only about getting all lovey-dovey and unwinding in your palatial sanctuary. It shouldn't also be jam-packed with sightseeing tours, adventure activities and whatnot. Strike the perfect balance between relaxing vs exploring that makes for a blissful and memorable trip.


Be mindful of the weather

Horrible weather can really turn an idyllic honeymoon into a total nightmare. Therefore, it is key to be mindful when settling on a destination, especially travelling in the shoulder or offseason.


Wear a go-with-the-flow attitude

Missed flights, lousy hotels and less than pleasant experiences—things don't always go according to plan no matter how "all-embracing" your planning was. So, wear a go-with-the-flow attitude at all times and don't let anything hamper your most romantic getaway.

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