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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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List of tips for taking seaplanes in the Maldives – for smoother flying

The Maldivian isles are lauded for several reasons. One such is the fact that it caters to the biggest seaplane operation in the world and detailed below is how you can access this facility.


Making a booking

Reserving seaplane rides to a chosen resort of your fancy occurs in stark contrast to how you book your airline tickets. The main difference is that your point of contact in this regard is your mode of accommodation. Once your request is processed, you will be queried on your preferences about a seaplane or speedboat. Upon providing an answer, the resort or hotel will request information in connection to flight details. The next stage of your visit which is the transfer will be coordinated between your airline and choice of accommodation. Therefore, be sure to pay special attention to this process.


Flying time

It is imperative that you go over every aspect of your arrival up until you are safely checked in and settled at your resort. Know that seaplanes in the Maldives do not operate on a fixed schedule and further, do not offer their services come dusk which must be addressed when booking your flight into the Maldives. Flights commence from 6 am with the last seaplane ride to and from an island occurring around 4.30 pm. In short, you must schedule your holiday carefully to make the most of your time in these pleasing and seductive environs.


Luggage restrictions

As is the norm with flying across regions, continents and countries, one simply cannot throw in all luggage imaginable and attempt to board. Seaplane rides carry a luggage limitation of up to 20 kg per passenger. However, some airlines do allow an additional 5 kg but it would be in your best interests to check with your hotel or resort. Hand luggage of 5 kg is permitted but in the event, the plane is packed to capacity, the risk of disallowed baggage should also be factored in.


Have plenty of cash

Although flying time varies between 10 minutes to an hour in this part of the world, the prices for accessing a seaplane are sky-high. Thus, while the cost will depend largely on distance, expect to pocket out anything up to the amount of USD 400 per person for a return flight.


Cabin space

Based on the fact that your average seaplane will only be able to accommodate a total not exceeding 15 passengers per ride, one's movements will have to be curtailed considerably. For example, seaplanes are low in height which warrants a crouched or slightly bent posture from its patrons. If however, you happen to be staying at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives which has its selection of Maldives 5 star resort amenities, then your journey will not have you feeling uncomfortable as the property is found a mere 11 km from Male International Airport.


Have a pair of earplugs

Noise levels inside the cabin must not be seen putting you off from enjoying sweeping views of turquoise seas, lagoons and lazily swaying palms that jut out from the isles below. Airlines are known to offer their guests earplugs but in the event, you are more accustomed to using your own, then do not forget to pack some in your hand luggage to mitigate noise and other distractions. After all, seeing your resort from miles up in the air is gratifying in itself and a prelude to the pleasures that await intrepid vacationers.