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Mental Health Educational Blogs

A list of mental health and self-improvement blogs.

Know How To Create a Meditation Space In Your Bedroom In 11 Ways

Meditation is essential for our body and mind. But if you meditate in the wrong place, it may not be as helpful as you think. You can't do contemplation in a room full of noise or people. It would help if you found a peaceful place to meditate. Meditation space is an essential part of meditation.

10 Reasons Why Kindness Is Important

Has someone ever been rude to you? Try being kind to them. They will be shocked. Kindness brings people together. The benefits of kindness are many, but we should be kind to everyone regardless of the benefits. Read more about kindness and its benefits here:

7 Tips On How To Have A Happy Life

Being happy is hard in these times. Nowadays, people are just working and eating and sleeping. They totally forget about the essential thing they are living for, Happiness. We all should do things that make us happy so we can live our life to the fullest.

15 Stress Management Apps That Can Transform Your Life

In today's busy life, stress has become a part of the life of many people. But they ignore it thinking it's just temporary. But ignoring stress can cause long-term effects on mental and physical health. But there are many ways to reduce stress and stress management apps are one of them. Some of the best stress management apps are here

The Effect Of Social Media On Mental Health

multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts.

How To Stop Procrastination

Ever get frustrated from work or a person? Frustration can be a little much sometimes. We often don't know how to not frustrate in some cases. But we must overcome our frustration as it blocks our thinking ability. And when you can't think right, you make bad decisions.

8 Tips On How To Be More Decisive In Life

If you make decisions quickly, you are someone who is decisive. You should be more decisive in life if you want to move ahead in your life.

11 Ways To Overcome Frustration

Ever get frustrated from work or a person? Frustration can be a little much sometimes. We often don't know how to not frustrate in some cases. But we must overcome our frustration as it blocks our thinking ability. And when you can't think right, you make bad decisions.

13 Best Motivational Podcasts On Spotify You Need to Listen in 2022

Listening to songs on Spotify is old. These days, podcasts are in trend. You should listen to podcasts as podcasts educate listeners and provide true and most accurate opinions.

19 Best Instagram Therapists - Your Mental Health Pal

These are some of the best worldwide therapists you can follow on Instagram and get their content on various topics like Mental health, psychology, the human mind, etc.

Visualization Techniques And Its Miraculous Benefits

Visualization is a simple technique that you can use to create a strong mental image of a future event. With good use of visualization, you can practice in advance for the event, so that you can prepare properly for it. And by visualizing success, you can build the self-confidence you need to perform well.

7 Miraculous Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a technique for avoiding distracting thoughts and promoting a state of relaxed awareness. Visit this article to learn about its benefits.

What Is Negative Bias And How To Overcome It - Your Mental Health Pal

When we learn and focus on negative information more than positive information, it leads to negative bias. And certainly, it's not good for us. So how to overcome it?

Everything You Need To Know About Guided Chocolate Meditation

This guide to chocolate meditation will help you get acquainted with traditional meditation with the help of chocolate.

How To Be Grateful In Life For What You Have - Your Mental Health Pal

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Said Ferris Bueller.
We all should be grateful for our life and whatever it gives us.
Read to learn grace, and how to be grateful for life

How To Find Peace Of Mind In 10 Ways - Your Mental Health Pal

While it is necessary to have social bonds with others, our peace of mind in life is frequently disturbed by others.

17 Habits On How To Be Happy And Blessed In Life

Happiness is hard to adapt. However, if you successfully adapt it, life will become more accessible and joyful. When we are happy, we do things with our happy minds. People around us see us as different, more friendly people, and they want to talk to us and be like us. Happiness brings so many great things into our lives.

7 Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises

These 7 benefits of deep breathing exercises will help you to improve your physiological health and psychological health.

13 Ways To Get Self Satisfaction In Life

If we define self-satisfaction, you feel that you are too pleased with your achievement and that there is nothing better. You stop being jealous and stressed and enjoy the things you have achieved.

21 Best Motivational Podcasts For Women

Get your podcasts ready because we’ve got a severe recommendation list of 21 motivational podcasts for women. Click here to know more.

7 Powerful Manifestation Techniques To Change Your Life

let’s talk about some powerful manifestation techniques for beginners to help you attract mindfulness and productivity. And, with them, you can lead a holistic life as you want.

11 Best Self-help Books For Women To Read In 2022

Personal development books for women can promote self-acceptance and self-love and help them find happiness and contentment in their lives. These books can help you free yourself from mental issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression and live your life to the fullest.

How To Deal With Self Hatred - Your Mental Health Pal

Self-hatred makes people often harshly criticize and attack themselves. The old biblical proverb, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” could be a prescription for conflict if everyone treated others as badly as they treat themselves.

6 Different Types Of Emotions

Think about the last time you got angry at your colleague, anxious over a presentation, or overwhelmed with awe at the beauty of your surrounding nature—perhaps during the solar eclipse last August. There are different types of emotions that color both our inner and the world around us, telling us what to say, how to react, where to look, what to do next, etc.

11 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem - Your Mental Health Pal

You are not alone if you think you are underconfident and unworthy. These are the signs of low self-esteem. Self-esteem tells us how we feel about our limitations and abilities, consciously or subconsciously. It also states how you appreciate yourself regardless of the situation.